A- Combos



Wonderin’ what ere some good A-combo’s with Vega and when to activate it for me this is what I do

Jump in toward, activate, Jumping deep fierce while still in mid-air, jabx3, rolling claw with fierce, crouching fierce x2, crouching roundhouse, then do either off the wall super for a suprise to chip some damage or extram damage all the way even though it wont add hits but I just had the thought others had better A-combos wit him


I posted his main custom in another thread. You should look though other threads before posting redundant questions. Also, that’s the worst custom I’ve ever seen.




I said I thought he had better A-combo that’s why I asked because I felt mine sucked


damn your custom is complicated. try activate, c.fwd, c.fierce, c.rh, s.jab to pop up, sj. fwds till corner, then s.rh till bar runs out, then flip kick super.

there are variations on that, but play around. last thing you wanna do is rely on air activations for your primary ground cc and start with 3 c.jabs into claw roll.