A Complaint about Matchup threads

(Sorry if this is in the wrong sub forum, didn’t know where to put this)

This is just a complaint I have with the matchup threads in each sub forum. Unless your main is ryu, all of the matchup threads have the following info for every character.



info coming soon

This frustrates me when there is tons of info in the posts following the first post that just don’t get added. So what is the point of making the match-up thread if you have no intention of maintaining? I wish there was a way to clean this up and we could some info in those spoiler tags

Soda Tier

S:Mt.Dew, Dr. Pepper
F:Everything else

Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper… FOH…

OG Mt. Dew barely even has a flavor to it… I still don’t know what Mt. Dew tastes like to me…

Citrus sodas like Sprite and Ginger Ale belong at the top…

i agree man. and if you take a look at the bison forums theres a good example :rofl:

Dew Throwback and Voltage shit on the rest.

Why does this thread exist?