A contest you'll be interested in


I saw this thread over at the SF4 forum and thought you guys would be interested in participating. The prize is pretty damn nice.


thx for the heads up King9999 :slight_smile:

ok crew, competition time:
“This is your chance to be part of the Street Fighter heritage. We’d like to see your creative envisioning of your favourite character. Show us your fan interpretation of one of the World Warriors. What changes in dress, stance and style reflect the rebirth of Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile and co. in 2009? What elements do you see as epitomising each fighter’s spirit, and how would you depict these? Be it luxurious anime ink & watercolour, a deconstructed vector reworking, dark brooding mixed media you could become part of history, so let your skills shine.”

check out the link in King9999’s post. Prizes to be won.

btw this isn’t an official SRK endorsement of this competition, just a heads up :slight_smile:
good luck everyone.


I might whore out the Ken or Rose I just drew. Either that or work on a chunners :slight_smile:


Interesting…must enter :smiley:

thanks for the info


Ha ha someone posted a pic of ryu from an anime or something that was run through a crappy photoshop filter.


I’m not surprised. :rofl:
I’m more amused that it says come up with your own take on the fighters and theyre all exactly the same.


I am in for sure.


what’s the deadline for it?


I couldn’t find any contact info on the site for the people holding the contest, but I was wondering could we submit more than one entry?


The deadline is 22nd March.
If you’d like to submit more than one entry, you’d have to do it on seperate accounts.

Hope that helps!


I finished mine
but I dun wanna upload it yet, not saying I’m the most creative person but if I upload early someone might steal from my idea:sad:


But if you upload it early you’ll get more votes. If you wait until the last day to submit, then your piece will only get a day of airtime.


true and even if they copied your idea, people will know yours was submitted first. itd be bad if someone had a similar idea to yours by coincidence and they posted it first. it would look like you copied. so go on in and submit it so we can see what SRK is representing. i know it would kill my chances, but somebody let kandoken know. although him and i dont speak much on here, he mastered the kinu art style i was working on as well. it sucks to see art like that go un-noticed.


You guys are right:wgrin:
some of the stuff up there right now is pretty cool
I will submit 2morrow x3!!! I hope u guys like the picha.


i missed the deadline then


also… who was going to submit stuff but didnt? we should post em up here for SRK. even if its not for that contest