A cool guy


Here is a cool picture of a cool guy we all know and would like to meet. Me and my friend made it. I was going to use it for the contest but it’s over, maybe next year eh?


Oops, forgot the file to attach, sorry



At least he is wearing Purple, the only color that matters in life.



Insert one word Answer here


(Is that ok? XD)


That shit is mad dope!!! :cool: :cool:


I must have stumbled into some kind of Utopia.

What is the deal with Bison being so popular!? Back when I started to get into it all…NO ONE liked him. And now…He’s Brad Pitt!

Anyway, This shit is great!! Keep it coming!


Actulay, I stuck with Bison in Street Fighter 2 when they alowed you to play as him, and I’ve just liked him ever since.


LOL thats cute and funny… i’d wear that on a shirt!


Yeah Bison is slick rick man. This guy saves my ass from getting beat down sometimes. I gotta give this pic and the character props.:lol:


Someone get this on a T-shirt and wear it to a tournament.
You’ll get fucking props!


Haha, it’s awseome you guys thought of that, me and my friends are already in the proccess of making some.