A Couple New Darkside/Byrdo Stikz

I haven’t been on the forums very much lately…been really busy, but I thought I’d drop in and show you guys some of the new stuff. I’ll be finishing several others very soon but I thought these ones turned out pretty cool.

This one is an all sanwa with the artwork drawn by me.


This one is a hybrid korean ‘fanta’ joystick with sanwa microswitch buttons (they feel quite a bit different from standard sanwas in that they have WAY more resistance.

Tha Joker

Man… I preffer american-style joysticks, but it doesn’t matter. Your sticks are like work of art, really, they look like jewels… First one is brilliant, it’s very portable (it’s advantage of sanwas, no american joy will fit there) and it’s finished beautifuly. Realy, nice job!!

The Ravenz stick looks hot. Looks super thin and portable at the same time. I wonder how small it is compared to the other sticks he made.

“Its so thin… how do you do it?”

Those both look really great. Its good to see a break from the norm, the happ-or-sanwa variety!

Portabilty has just reached a new level.

Very nice…like always ^________________^.

I would say the ‘ravenz’ one is ultra-slim since I had to bevel the top and bottom just to get the joystick to make clearance, it’s only 1 1/2 inches high, easily the thinnest I’ve ever made. It’s really compact but i think the overall weight/size is perfect, plus this thing is very solid. I actually put the frame on its side and stood on the front end before I stained it just to demonstrate a point to my friend. I weigh about 185lbs, the only reason I did it is because he felt that the joints might have strength issues being so thin. I even let him try to pull it apart with his hands. Long story short, he lost the bet and I was $20 richer :rofl:

These sticks are amazing! But the first one is off the hook :clap: Pheeew… :hitit: :rofl:

first one is lovely, and i was thinking of making a thread complaining at the lack of any advances in joystick making recently. hopefully this year will see me make some more!

again, lovely man, and the drawing is top! best stick i’ve seen so far

Makes me cream my trousers! :cool:

That RavenZ stick is beyond good and evil… even better than your maya (which I already liked sooo much)

The best sticks in the business as always, but I have one comment, which might be more personal preference than anything. I would say that on your Sanwa, the stick is mounted a little too high for my tastes, that is to say there is too much space between the ball and the surface of the stick. Obviously as the stick is so thin I can see that it would be difficult to mount it any lower, but I have a feeling that most 2D players would agree with me. The way it’s set up at the moment, you are probably having to move the stick more than neccessary to compensate.

As it happens I am lucky enough to own a Tha - Darkisde custom and I have to say it is the shizzle. I did swap the Sanwa stick from it for a Semitsu, but that was just down to personal taste as I find it easier to play 3S with a Semitsu. It has never let me down and even now, over a year since I got it, it still wows everyone taht sees it. If only a good stick made a good player, then I really would be sorted.

Anyway keep 'em coming!

I see what you mean, but the amount of movement or “throw distance” is still the same regardless of the mount height. This is due to the shaft length, now if that was somehow cut down or shortened then then you could have shorter movements, but you would literally need to get the shaft custom made or machined in order to do so. Basically, if I mounted the stick really low, you would still have to move it the same amount. Seimitsus are very nice as well, I’ve got a couple sticks that I’m working on that will sport seimitsus and sanwa jlws. The difference comes down to the microswitches incorporated, this makes a seimitsu engage slightly faster than a sanwa jlf, but if you compare it to a sanwa jlw then they’re around the same since they both use trigger type switches. This would in fact create a shorter throw range. The rest can be debated down to personal preference since most types/brands of joysticks have their pros & cons. Thanks for the input, I always like to hear the upsides and downsides that way I know what to try and work on.

I assumed that it only -looks- taller because the stick is so tiny by comparison. It can’t be much different from a Japanese cabinet, since their sticks are mounted on a thin metal panel…


it’s the same throw regardless of the height of the ball, but it just doesn’t feel right if it’s too tall. it’s just not as easy to control if the ball is like at the edge of your palm. i’m sure Gunman wasn’t talking about the throw at all when he said that.

and japanese cabinets use thin metal panels, but their mounting plates position the sticks lower than that.

As someone mentioned, I think the stick looks tall compared to the case. The case looking that thin may make the stick look taller. I could be wrong but I think that height looks normal to me. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah, this is what I meant. I was unclear in how I explained myself, but this is what I was trying to say. As I said it’s just a comment, I still think your sticks are the best out of all the stick makers on SRK. I just think it would be useful for you to get some player feedback.

it should be at least 24mm and not more than 25mm to be true to a japanese cabinet, at this measurement the ball rests just on between your middle finger which id the most comfortable position for me.

its hard / almost imposible to wavedash on a tll stick that the ball is on your index finger.

i will. :slight_smile:

to put it simply, it’s impossible to mount a pure, non-hybrid Sanwa at the 24mm height if the case is that thin.