A couple of my characters


Figured I’d submit a few characters that I’ve been working with for awhile. The hand is a little messed up on this one.


This is another sketch of Aiel…

Can’t remember if I’ve ever submitted this here… the legs are kinda off.


This is one sheet of Vance

I couldn’t get the arm in the back to look right on the dash… so I never finished it. I have a few more sheets that I wanna put up here… but no time at the moment. I’ll put more on later.


kinda small, cute though.


These pictures look tight, I’m lovin the First one.


I Second that!:cool:


the ariel01 pic is nice, dude.


pretty good stuff. when designing your own characters you gotta give them some soul though. the design is basically a plain shirt and jeans, some distinguishing clothes would make them much better.



I had more detial on them before, but I’m animating these characters the traditonal hand drawn way. So little detail is good for that. (since I’d have to draw all of that detail on roughly 100-200 drawings) Guess I should of explained that. When I use Vance in my comic book art, he has a lot more to him (looks more goth/punkish) That was the page that I didn’t get to put up here… still working out a few issues. Thanks for the advice though, Ryuho.