A couple of my Chun matchup problems

Right, I’ve been playing as Chun since vanilla was released, and have learned (or I hope I have learned) the ins and outs of her. I still have problems against Rufus, although that’s expected, and Guy from time to time (most likely because I’m too damn slow), but my main annoyance is Bison (dictator).

Now I would just like to ask fellow Chun players that are inevitably better than me how to deal with:

  1. Rufus divekick pressure / throw mixups
  2. Dictator’s damn annoying short > l.scissors frametrap / standing roundhouse mixups

Rufus’s divekick has annoyed me from day one, and my matchup against him hasn’t got any better… it also doesn’t help that I very rarely encounter one, so when I DO face one, I’m still at square one on my knowledge of the matchup and what I can do against Rufus.

Dictator on the other hand I was VERY comfortable against in vanilla, but since Super he has become public enemy number one, purely because no matter what attack he uses, he will NEVER be ‘unsafe’, and as Chun against him you either wait for an opportunity (that never comes), EX SBK out of frustration which will ALWAYS end up with a knockdown into ambiguous psycho crusher, or simply getting rolled.

I’m a 9500+ Chun, but in these matchups I feel as if I’ve never played the game, so the pros out there… can you please give me some tips on these two matchups? There are some other matchups that I sometimes have problems with, but usually it’s more because I’m being a tool and not reacting to stuff, but these two matchups are beyond consistently poor.

Thanks. (if I have other problems, I’ll most likely post into this thread)

What I would do is avoid that pressure by just zoning Rufus with st.MP, I still have trouble with the pressure myself, but I’m thinking when its happening you could try and do cr.MK or fish out that tech.

Snake Aes said that you could do EX Hazanshu for Dictator’s st.HK or you can be risky and FA it and grab him. You aren’t the only one that has problems with this. Although others would want you to ask this in the Q&A thread, players DO read that.

Alright mate :slight_smile:

Well tbf I’d say you have a better Chun than me but you can option Select Rufus dive kicks with crouch tech + fierce (I think I’m not sure but I read it here or similar cos Skatan uses it)… Other Rufus things are obviously AA him with st.RH and st.Fierce, if you space these right he really has no way to get in as they beat his dive kick if timed and spaced right. As long as you zone his ground game well with kikokens at far to just over mid range and st.strong, st.RH etc… inside that range.

On his wake up you can pressure with cr.Fierce xx whatever you fancy (legs most likely) as even his EX Mega broken Messiah only hits twice passes over and leaves him free for punish.

Focus backdash his pressure dive kicks if he does get in, its a free out (until you hit the corner :frowning: ) and spaces you well after (but you’ll already know all this I imagine)

As for Dictator I can’t help, I have a friend who uses him and generally beats the crap out of me… I win like 1 in 4 at best (AT BEST :frowning: ). Think you might have played him a few times Milligano? If you want to learn the match up ask him for games cos…

a) His Bison is Beast (one of the best in the UK imo)
b) He knows the Chun match up really well (been playing each other for over a year now)
c) If you learn anything good from fighting him (if you do) PLEASE share… I REALLY MEAN THAT

Anyway I guess Guile and the other characters you’ve been messing with have taken a back seat… We’re hardly ever on at the same time which is a real shame…

hmm… I just got an idea, does backdash into EX legs work against dive kick pressure?

Other things that work but aren’t gonna get used all that much against Dictator are:

  1. You can super his st.MK on block, only saying cos this poke is pretty good and decent Bisons use this a lot more the RH. But like I said its unlikely you’ll ever really do it (I rarely have super vs Bison)

  2. Blockstring set up sort of, cr.jab x3, st.strong, EX Kikoken… This at least stops Bison EX PC between st.strong and kikoken, also cos of the properties of EX PC the 2 hits on the Kikoken mean that he EX PC passes straight through you. If you have Ultra 2 you can then Ultra him as he goes through… Again not really useful as such but its something that does work

I find that I can get a standing jab off against Dictator after blocking his scissors befiore he hits again, is this just poeple online not doing it quick enough cause I’m thinking jab fierce super would be a hella sexy counter to this pressure game.

Not sure, after the first set of scissors (light obviously as the others aren’t safe and no Bison worth his world domination attempts will using anything else outside a hit confirm) I think Bison has frame advantage or at the very worst is even and his cr.short is a 3 frame start up move with great priority…

I would imagine the best case is a trade and that isn’t worth the risk as miss the trade and eat his scissor combo get knocked down, eat a load more pressure. Unless st.Jab has crazy priority but I don’t know, I know I don’t do it… I just eat the pressure and chip from the scissor loop and go from there…

Yeah, it really shouldn’t work but for me it does although Cr.jab seems to fail???. I’ll try to find a video on my replays but I’m always managing to get a st.jab to fierce on Bisons when they do that its just a matter of building for that super. I wanna look into this some more…
On the subject of St.jab and priority I anti aired someone with it last night by accident too!!! lol worthy.

My problem is turtle bisons. I play the lamest bison, walks back all day and goes for time out victory’s. Ill take aggressive bison’s over lame any day. Maybe I just need to be more patient.

If they run away, try and build meter as you let them go to the corner. Once you get them there you can try and keep them there with mixup and throws. When they do psycho crushers you should jump straight up for a neutral roundhouse. When they go in for the stomp you could anticipated it and punish with an air grab. Best thing to do against any sort of turtle is to sandbag them, watch their habits carefully and look for those flaws in their play.

Yeah that’s the Bison I can hardly beat, our matches are so slow, lame and depressingly dull. A lot of the time it comes down to who has the life lead after the first 20 seconds wins the round…

The Bison I play against is very good with spacing and once a bison has the lead Chun has very few options against him, he can basically sit on meter and play footies with you all day. Bison’s st.forward is a godlike poke and as yet I am struggling to find a way past it, you can jump cos…

a) Bison can RH AA you all day long due to Chun’s super floaty jump
b) He can EX PC out of there, both getting chip and getting himself away from you again and out of the corner
c) Bison’s neutral jump fierce is broken, if you’ve not fought a Bison that uses that you’re lucky… That’s all I’ll say

So without been able to jump at him you really have limited ways in, cos I am having to press him I lose charge to walk forwards whilst he can keep his if he likes, I can’t rush him cos his spacing is great and (with charge) can just punish or chip me with light scissors when I get in range, hard to react to as he generally mixes this up with pokes and general footies.

Obviously can’t throw out random HSU’s to get in (that shit is so punishable with so much of Bisons stuff its insane), so yeah turtle Bison’s are the worst…

Hey Bush which Bison you on about?

Just an Irish bison. I do well against him most of the time but sometimes im not in the right mood to deal with the lameness.

LOL fair enough, just thought it might have been mill (Milligano) as he plays the Chun Vs Bison Match up so depressingly defensive and lame it sometimes makes me want to cry lol…

Oh yeah you still use Cody at all? Cos I think I’ve faced you like once right when Super first came out and that is match up I have little experience in… And as a (better) Chun than me you might be able to offer me a few tips for if I run into a good Cody :slight_smile:

Bison Scissor kick pressure starts at making you block Cr. LK xx LK Scissor. He can do that 2 or 3 times before he’s pushed out of Cr. LK range and he has to do something else. Cr. LK after LK scissor will beat anything you can do except EX Bird and it will trade with your lights if your timing is the same.

When he can’t do another Cr. LK, he’ll guess. HK will beat you if you try to jump out. Another LK Scissor kick will get him back in your face to do more Cr. LK xx LK Scissor kick pressure, and a headstomp will just complicate things a little.

Your options aren’t that great… but when he is out of Cr. LK range (you’d need to get comfy with the spacing in training), you can counter with reversal EX Legs, Cr. MK, or St HP since they are faster than scissor kick and his HK start-ups. EX Legs and St. HP should beat him if he decides to HK, Scissor Kick, or jump. Cr. MK is your cheapest safest option. When you notice abuse (too many raw scissor kicks) is when it’s best to EX SBK or jump.

never tell me a Bison player has good spacing buz bison make that for him

Bison = Auto spacing

I still play cody a bit. I find cody really awkward to fight against to be honest even though I play him a bit. Hes really bad on wakeup so you just gotta knock him down and go for it. Ill play you with cody sometime, maybe we can both learn something. Ill send you a friend request if you dont mind.

Ive played milligano before alright but I dont think ive played him with chun li.

I still have problems against Dictator, but I guess I’ll only get better with experience.

I haven’t had any opportunities to test the st.mk punish with super yet, which would be VERY useful to me as I’m a player that almost always manages to have super, mainly because I very rarely use her EX moves. I think the point at which I crack against Dictator is when he gets me in the corner… I’ll either eat a LOT of chip from the cr.lk > l.scissors trap, or eat a st.rh if I attempt to get out of the danger, and because of this, I just crouch block. I never knew about the three cr.lk > l.scissors pushing him out of cr.lk range, I’ll have to try and pay attention to that the next time I see a scissor-happy Dictator, but for now I’m pretty sure this is my worst matchup in the game.

hmmmm i was talking to andyocr a few days ago about the chun/dictator matchup and he told me that basically you want to fight this matchup at the very tip of chuns st.mp/sweep range and make it long range fight…also at the beginning of the round you can throw fbs to try to zone bison out…you dont want to get into a close range/mixup fight with bison often…because that will be the range at which he excels…also bisons main pokes will be st.rh/st.mk/cr.mk…if you see that a bison is st.rh happy…you can counter with cr.mp as a poke…cr.mp is a good poke in this match because it go under st.rh and scissor kick…cr.lp will also stuff slide and scissor if you see it coming or do it pre-emptively…the worst thing you can do in this match is get cornered…if you get cornered easily against bison…theres a good chance youre gonna lose…so try to stand your ground and play def footsies…also on wakeup and during pressure be wary of pressing buttons…because if bison does cr.mk on your wakeup…hes +2 on block…so if you press any button your gonna get hit…also off forward throw you can do the dash up j.fpx2 hazanshu OS if you think bisons gonna teleport…also if you know that they like to ex PC f.throw>dash up>delayed d/f rh will hit him at his foot so itll be a reset…

hope this helps:wgrin: