A couple of noob questions


Hi, I’m back playing sfivae after a long break and would like some answers to some questions if possible, here goes:
Does either the xbox360 or ps3 have more sfivae players? and is finding matches easier or quicker because of that or is it pretty much the same? Or is there any other reason why sfiv is better on one format or the other?

I have a mad catz TE round 2 arcade stick Xbox and would like to also play on ps3, I found a thread that suggested the Cerberus board but it is not compatible with the round 1or 2 editions, is there another solder free solution to this or perhaps a decent adapter?

Any advice would be much appreciated


360 is the better console for SF4. The game runs better, has a bit less input lag and importantly for online play a larger portion of the playerbase is on wired connections instead of the Wi-Fi that’s prevalent on PSN.


honestly play what the people around you are playing. I started on PS3 but since most of the Detroit area players play on Xbox360 I switched to that. I don’t think there is any useful data to prove the above point about wired vs wireless since the last two models of the 360 have wifi built in just like PS3. I do know, from my experience that the online for SF4 is better on 360 at my house at least. Adapters are a pain in the ass, take your stick to a major and have it modded professionally, or check craigslist and secondhand stores and you should be able to find a PS3 stick for $50-$75


Oh come on. We all know people in Detroit can’t afford video games.


Get USF4 for both if you really care that much. Though on the X360 finding matches easy enough.


Thanks for your comments people :wink:


It’worse for me, I live in Flint, MI :frowning: