A couple of PCBs for sale..Ps3,Ps2,Xbx,DC

I have done a few transactions here, though I have much more feedback on sites like Digitpress and Neo-geo… I can show some if needed be. I can take paypal or money orders.

PCB from Hori Tekken 5 stick for PS2, includes the brand new controller cable which is not pictured… $20 shipped

PCB from Hori Fighting Stick 3 for PS3, Brand new… Joystick is still connected. $25 shipped [[ON HOLD]]

Unknown Xbox PCB, Hori branded, though don’t know what stick it came from. Untested. $13 shipped…

Sega Dreamcast official controller, hacked and wired up. $20 shipped.

Any questions please feel free to ask me!

Question, Im gonna guess that you connect the joystick to the holes on the left for the Hori PCB’s, but do they have a common ground? It doesn’t look like it. I was looking at the Ps2 one in particular. Also, does anyone know how well they fair other converters besides the Pelican? Any DC ones? Also do you have the rest of the cords such as the one to connect the PCB to the cord?

Waiting for Bomberman to pop up

can I get a front pics of the tekken pcb. I’m interested in that pending pictures.

That’s right, I eat Fighting Stick 3 PCBs! Yum yum.

Hmm, I asked MuffinMan for references and he never answered me. :frowning:

Oh crap. I realized my inbox was full only now. I was actually wondering myself if you still had interest and never crossed my mind that my inbox was full… Send me any other PMs if you have concerns


@ ulovemikeroch, not sure what you mean by “common ground”, but there is 2 holes for each assigned button on the PCB, one ground and one for the function assigned considering the buttons on the hori PCB were soldered directly into them to begin with. I have the cord that connects to the PCB, which I forgot to picture.

@ shrimpnoodles, I will take a pic and edit my orig. post with the additional pic.

Just helping out a bit.

The T5 stick is common ground. Hori just didn’t use a PCB to utilize this for their joysticks like Sanwa/Seimitsu did. You can wire it up to a Sanwa/Seimitsu wire harness without any problems, just remember to figure out which is ground and which is the action wire. I’m not too sure about the FS3. Check the FS3 modding thread in the Tech Forums

the FS3 works the same way as well. just use connect the ground wire to one of the grounds on the pcb and it works fine.

Orig. post updated.

i will take FS3 pcb if it becomes available (can pay intstantly through paypal)