A couple of questions, folks

Long time [S]listener[/S] lurker, first time [S]caller[/S] poster. I’d first like to formally say hello to all you fine fighting folk out there. Name’s Jon. I’m mostly a casual player, and by that I mean I can learn, understand, and grasp everything from the big concepts to the little intricacies of fighters, but my actual execution of those things - my playing ability - is very mediocre. But no matter how bad I might (comparatively) suck, I still derive the most fun and joy from playing and learning about fighters. (And that’s what counts, right?)

Now there’s two things I wanna know.

One. What is the purpose of an FADC? I understand the form, but I don’t necessarily know its function. In short, why would you FADC?

Two. This one’s straight from the bucket and sponge. What’s the best way, generally, to get in on fireball spam? SSFIV specific, really.

Thanks in advance.

  1. FADCs are generally used to extend combos. Many characters cannot combo into their ultra without a FADC (or a focus crumple). You can also focus absorb dash/back dash projectiles as a way to gain ultra meter/get in depending on your character’s dash.

  2. You’re going to have to tell us your character. But in general, patience. Fireball zoning is generally more punishable than people realize. Inch your way in, neutral jump if jumping in is unsafe, etc. A lot of characters in AE have character specific ways around fireballs as well.

Also, I would get out of the habit of calling it fireball spam. Someone who is really just spamming projectiles should be really easy to beat. Someone good at zoning may not be.

Alright, FADCs make a lot more sense now. And I don’t normally say spam; I don’t know why zoning didn’t come to mind. But I was also frustrated during that match (due to prior matches), so I used a derogatory term. I guess it’s because that particular match is stuck in my head that way, if that makes sense.

Characters are in sig. I realize Dudley can run under fireballs, if memory serves. That’s an execution problem. But basically Cammy and the twins (sans Yang, unless his run is useless) are the characters where you can deliver the advice. I used to main Cammy, actually. I fluctuate in SF more than any other game.

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And Yang’s roll will go under clean, as will his QCF + Kick move. So yeah, I’d utilize those plenty.

to extend a combo or to prevent from getting punished.

Some Cammy advice: Spin Knuckle doesn’t need to be EX to go around fireballs/attacks, all versions can do this. The non-EX versions lose this invulnerability sooner though. EX Arrow is completely fireball invincible. MP Hooligan can go over fireballs, except Sagat’s high tiger shot. HP version goes to low and will get hit, and LP always seems to land on the fireball, so it’s either impossible or just really strict timing. Either way, don’t do LP Hooligan.

Good stuff. I’ve been practicing just trying to be patient and figure out safe ways in. Tangentially related, I’ve been playing charge characters more often now too, namely Balrog, Blanka, and Honda. I feel like I’m having slightly more success. Anything I should know with regards to those three?

There are at least 9 general uses for focus attack.

  1. Combo/ To focus out of an attack to extend a combo for more damage. Either from dashing out of a combo move or hitting with a focus attack then dashing out of it allowing you to continue a combo. Focus has three levels of how long you hold it and will stun the other character at level 2 or more.

  2. Counter/ To counter pokes or certain moves that do not break focus either getting a free combo or dashing back right away to be safe. Focus is able to take one hit and is able to dash before or after the focus attack on block or hit right away. Includes jumping attacks, but to avoid getting grabbed from an empty jump use anti air if there’s enough time.

  3. Breaker/ When charged the focus attack at level three is able to break through guard

  4. Bluff/ The focus attack is unique, it allows a person to bluff about using a guard breaker but ultimately if you guess or predict the time you expect them to drop their guard to try and avoid the focus breaker or before they try to grab you. Always dash out of focus, forward for more damage or back to be safe no exception.

  5. Absorb/ Let’s say a projectile is right in front of you, either block and take the chip damage or focus through it and taking no damage as long as you don’t get hit again.

  6. Avoid/ Let’s say someone is going to cross up on you and you don’t have the time to attack it or it’s on your blind side where you can’t uppercut it, your able to focus the hit and dash away from it.

  7. Safety/ Let’s say the other person is getting to close and you want to gain more space, focus attack light hit and dash backwards, if they try to hit you with a non focus breaker move you’ll hit them, being able to dash backwards from a focus hit gives you more room if your too close. This also includes using an uppercut then focus canceling while dashing back out of it.

  8. Interception/ Let’s say someone uses a longer range move anywhere from a projectile to a sweep that doesn’t break focus, use focus to go through the first hit and dash right away if you are too far away to hit with your focus giving you time to either get a grab or if there’s enough time use a combo before they can block.

  9. Charge exception/ Use a focus attack without dashing out of it but charging an attack then using it. Some can dash and still use charge moves others often prefer to use enough pokes until they can charge it by that.

As for getting passed projectiles in this game, the easiest thing to do would be using certain ex moves or jumping then dive kick so you won’t get punished easily. Blanka’s dive attack and Dudley’s dash is exceptionally good at avoiding projectiles without using meter or jumping.

Geez. That’s info right there. Well, I’m still finding my groove in SF, so all the help is appreciated.

Fireball spam should be easy to deal with, if they throw fireballs without proper spacing you can punish them on a well timed jump in. Neutral jumping is also helpful to infuriate the person throwing them. Zoning, however, is a different ball game. Unless you have moves to punish fireballs, the person throwing them more than likely knows when/where to throw them so that trying to punish them with a jump in will end in an AA to the face. Playing a good zoning player can be a long fight, inching in when you can and trying to bait them, making sure that any opportunity you get ends in maximum damage.

Yeah, I finally decided to play some HD Remix last night, and got accustomed to navigating fireballs (or rather, had to) against Ken and Sagat.

I do feel bad now for asking for advice on Cammy and Dudley because I started focusing different characters. That isn’t to say that I don’t play them anymore, I just don’t play them as much.