A couple of questions

  1. I really don’t want to main any character. Is this a bad thing?
  2. Links are so hard for me, has Street Fighter X Tekken made links easier?
  3. For some reason I feel like every time I play A fighting game and verse someone I want to turn the go easy on him button because every time I play a fighting game theirs always complaining going on and on top of that I don’t want to seem like a dick even though their being a dick player. I don’t no if this will make sense to you guys but i want to play a fighting game without having to worry about the other player.

There are lots of people who never really main anyone, although if your goal is to become a skilled player, not focusing on a specific character will make things much harder for you.

Don’t know about the links question, but if you’re sensitive to how people comment about your playstyle, either playing competitively isn’t for you, or you need to get over it quick because you can’t escape it. You’ll probably experience significantly less whining and complaining if you start playing with more competitively minded people, but the random nobodies online (who you really shouldn’t care about anyway) will always complain as long as you are beating them. It doesn’t really matter how you beat them, they will complain. Essentially, you have to choose between winning, or being well liked by completely random people online (which imo is an easy choice).

  1. No. Although if you want to be a competitively viable player, it might present problems for you. You might have not have developed enough character experience, or match-up experience, to compete at higher levels. But if you want to play for fun, who cares about having a main.
  2. Every character has a target combo in the game, I guess that makes it easier. Every fighting game will have its share of difficult combos and links. Either stick to easy mode bnb combos, or learn how to do them. Games are supposed to difficult and challenging.
  3. Who cares? Seriously, if you’re beating kids so bad that they start complaining, let them whine and bitch. They’re probably not going to last long in this genre anyways with that kind of attitude. Just focus on improving yourself, and forget about the other player. Tell em to hold that shit.

Wow, that third question… I couldn’t understand it until eltrouble answered it…


  1. No. Though as said, if you want to get competitive, you should main somebody and learn the ins and outs.
  2. I wouldn’t know about SFxT, but if you’re not into links, I suggest learning a character like Blanka or Hawk for SF4 (I assume that’s the game you’re playing until Tuesday). I had a hard time with links for a while, and was using them for upwards of six or seven months before moving on to other characters. I use Chun now.
  3. Play to win. Never feel bad about your losses. I intentionally lost a local Marvel 2 tournament about 9 years ago and took 4th place because everybody was complaining that I was being cheap with Cable… I still regret that, even though the prize was 1000 tickets for merchandise in the arcade, and nothing bad… but I regret not playing to win. If they want to complain, they’re going to go back to CoD eventually and forget that hadokens exist.