A couple of quick Qs

I decided to make Chun my main and I have a few questions that I couldn’t find the answers for here.

Is there any practical use for SBK? I don’t think I ever use this skill in matches, its pretty bad or maybe I’m using it wrong.

And what is a good way to be aggressive with Chun? I always find that if I try to push forward that I get punished. So I tend to play defensively and go on offense when I have the chance, I don’t think that is always a good tactic though.

Anyhow, thanks in advance. I really want to get better with Chun.

cr.hp xx mk.SBK, Ex SBK to juggle off AA TC, Ex SBK after TSK in corner or Ex Legs, etc

Thanks! I’m going to go practice this.

TC > C.HP cancel into EX SBK after first hit, or do the normal TC > C.HP > M.SBK again cancel after the first hit.

Being agressive is pretty easy with chun, it takes some getting use to, like Hazanshu’ing over fireballs when your in range and baiting your opponets into doing moves that you can punish. A good mix up game also helps in doing this.

All above are great uses of the SBK, I’ve started to use it as part of my mix up game as well on knock down I sometimes use a weak SBK to finish on get up (much like Ryu with weak hurricane) to bait my opponent into a wake up I can then punish…

Other than that I tend to just stick to putting into combos on hit confirms (Medium mainly but sometimes weak - again to catch opponent out as they usually don’t react to the weak one finishing so suddenly)

One other combo missed here that I use a lot again mainly none Shoto’s is df.RH to cr.MK to EX SBK (lots of damage and the cross up when used in mix up is very useful

If you’re looking to push forward with Chun, you gotta mix it up and throw off the op and do something they won’t expect. Instant overhead j.rh/df.rh or wake up headstomp shenanigans for j.short cross up and go from there. She’s got alot of options it’s just a matter of how you use them and not making it an obvious game for the op to play.

Lv 1 FA > Dash is great for keeping the pressure on too. From there you can lk.HSU or jump back HK for the instant overhead, Ex Legs BnB if they try to back up, throw, anything. Though online you will eat SRKs, Tus, and throws, offline it can really keep an opponent on its toes. from “FIGHT!!” You can have your opponent in the corner within 10 seconds if you are aggressive enough and play smart

I’ve tried to find uses for regular sbk other that c.HP xx mk.sbk for a while but now i think there’s none…that move just sucks. If you try to combo it after every other move you just get a couple of hits and sometimes they can even block or punish you. Sometimes I pulled it out by mistake and went out of bad situations, but I don’t see it a solid option.

I think is just a matter of knowing what kind of opponent you’re facing and how he may react to your moves.
In my opinion chun is one of the most well balanced and designed character in this game. she can rush you down and break your defenses in every possible way but she’s also very vulnerable because of the low health, so you can’t abuse here rushdown options without thinking and must play smart to win. That’s why I like this character so much.

I just want to report back in to let you guys know the advice everyone gave has helped me improve my chun game a bit. The only problem I still have is with C.HP into M. SBK. It still seems very very situational, though its nice when I actually get around to landing it.

If you land a jump-in, use it.

This could be a regular jump-in like j.RH, or if you land the second hit of j.FPx2.

It’s good to mix-up hitting j.FP once if they are used to blocking it twice, and hitting it twice if they are used to blocking it once.

if you can hit confirm jumpin hk.

you can land and do cr.lp xx lk sbk…
the cr.lp will give you enough time whereas a cr.fp will need to be canceled quicker or just basically leaves you in a bad position if you didnt cancel it cause the jumpin was blocked.

hard to explain but just go to training mode and you guys should be able to figure out what i’m saying…


Here is a few new questions I’m seeking answers to.

What do you do when you are under pressure? At my current skill level, I find it very hard to counter pressure. Bison comes to mind, I felt that I couldn’t do much against him when under pressure. He was doing C.LP and would do a scissor kick and then his slide and continue to work me up. I felt it was very hard to counter.

My next question is what is the best method to fight Dhalsim and El Fuerte players?

Thanks everyone!

^^getting out of pressure:

1 backdash
2 ex sbk
3 mash cr.lp
5 throw break
6 (mash) piano ex legs.

7… DONT…get cornered.


Thanks so much for the reply. Most of those techniques are pretty obvious but I guess I have trouble pulling them off at the right time. What do you mean by “Piano”?

Stuff like this:

What is the recommendation if you do get cornered? I usually try crossup lk, or jump over whiff jFP into throw (dangerous against shotos though), but I have recently tried hazanshuing my way out which actually seems pretty good if they aren’t expecting it. Any suggestions against shotos to get out of corner pressure?

Really the best advice I can give is don’t act desperate to get out of the corner. A lot of damage will come from impatiently trying to get out of the corner.

Yeah, you don’t want to be there, but don’t die trying to get out.

J.HK > C.HK to knock them down can give u the time to run out, chun also has her wall jump but that has a big risk also.

and if they stop their combo u can do the DF.HK > dash

After playing with chun li online, I feel she is extremely underpowered compared to other characters. Every fight feels like a uphill battle, she has no vitality, she doesn’t do much damage and she doesn’t rely on specials too much but low damage pokes.

I got caught with a flaming dragon punch from ken and noticed it took around 30% of my life lol. Shotos aren’t to bad to fight against, but if I’m pressured or crossed up(something chun doesn’t seem well to counter) then its a possibility I’m screwed. Characters like Seth, Blanka, Dhalsim or any character that can reset the distance seems to give chun TONS of trouble.

I’ve tried to FADC through long distance pokes such as Dhalsim and Seth FP, but I will usually get caught by a follow up which resets the whole tactic I was trying to do. These type of things become frustrating. Then there is the fact that aside from the c.fp c.lk into sbk, the skill is absolutely useless. Slow start up, slow recovery and is countered by everything. I don’t know guys, I’m going to keep using chun as my main but I can’t help to express that lots of things about her is extremely disappointing.

From what I’ve seen, Chun has to camp Dhalsim extremely hard… which usually means kikoukens. if Seth tries to zone her out with sonic booms, she can focus through them and he doesn’t have the recovery guile does so you can usually start your footsies / in close game, although Seth probably still gives Chun a really hard time. You have to camp Blanka if you have the lead, and grabs work great against Blanka’s wakeup, especially ones that try to electricity too much. Sometimes you just need to realize that you have to camp the other guy, I guess…

Then again I suck ass, so I dunno. Take this with a grain of salt.