A couple of random parts questions

What’s the difference between JLF Sanwwas and JLWs?

Can Sanwa snap-ins fit in a hori (t5 stick) without having make the existing holes bigger?

If you’re getting into stick modding, you should really buy a Dremel. After that, you won’t care at all if you have to remove the plastic tabs or whatever.

This thread offers a lot of good Tekken 5 stick advice:


And I bet the Sanwa FAQ thread would have a comparison of Sanwa’s different sticks for ya.

Sanwa snap ins and the original buttons are both 30mm…I don’t see why the holes would have to be bigger. I’m pretty sure the buttons will just snap in, easy as that, but I have to test that in a week or so when I mod my friend’s stick. I’ll let you know then, but it should work just fine.

As for the sticks, I BELIEVE the difference between the JLF and the JLW (the major one at least) is that the JLF has the 5 pin connector, while the JLW looks to have the happ set-up with the NO, Open and G or whatever those three prongs say (I use the JLFs…). I would ask for confirmation on that though.

Do the jlf/jlw need to be wired any different than the HAPP sticks?

JLF-joysticks can both use the pcb with 5-pincable and individual switches.
JLW-joysticks only uses individual switches (like HAPP).
JLW-UM has a bigger shaft so only 45mm balls and battops work on that.

Is there a performance difference between the 2?

Sure. But if I were you I would stick with the JLF, that model is newer. Dunno how long the JLW will be in production.