A couple of suggestions for controller manufacturers


i know this isn’t quite the right place and the message will not get to the right people, but i have a few complaints about the current design standards.

  1. For gamepads with 6 buttons on the front (similar to MadCatz Fightpad): please move the Left Shoulder button on the place of the Right Trigger (bellow the Right Shoulder). it’s kind of awkward to use the D-pad and press the left shoulder with one hand. it might look a bit asymetrical, but with a good design this can be alleviated.


  1. For arcade sticks with a rear compartment used for storing the chord (similar to MadCatz TE): please implement a sliding door. on the TE if the chord is not arranged correctly, the panel doesn’t close or it opens when moving around. this might sound lazy, but when you’re collecting the chord for the 10th time at an event, it gets annoying. i just want to stuff it all in and slide the door shut.



While I completely agree with you on point 1, IIRC no manufacturer would allow it, lest Joe Bloggs get confused that “The left shoulder button is not on the LEFT, ahhhhhHHHHH!!!”.

And then his head explodes.

My suggestions:
6 action buttons, sloped case. Start button (24mm) on top, with a tournament lock switch.

And good action buttons – IDC about the stick, the buttons are what will break first.


I vowed never to go back to pads for fighting games but if I were to, just get a Dual Shock pad, it solves all problems. I would go as far as hiring someone to customize a wired 360 PCB into a DS3 pad. The only other pad that have come close is the Hori 360 EX2 Turbo pad. Has 2 extra buttons on the sucker!

As for the door compartment, can’t complain, had a HRAP V3, using my VLX and not a problem with quickly curling the cord and closing the door. My other stick uses a USB to USB cord so no problem there.


Only pad I’d love to at least try would be one of rtdzign’s Frankenpads.


Sliding door would get in the way of front mounted Start & Select/Back buttons.

P.S. who seriously uses the shoulder buttons on a 6 button fightpad?


I’d assume the people who only use their thumbs.


left shoulder buttons arent that hard to press…


sliding door is an interesting thought.


People who LOL macro 3xp 3xk.


Any new pad needs to be based on the Capcom Fighting Soldier.

Only comfortable way to be able to use a pad with your fingers (not your thumb).


I’ve always found using the left shoulder button difficult to use in a game like street fighter. As a result, my shoulder buttons go unused (like if I ever needed them)


I want to hack that Capcom game pad now.