A couple of thoughts about the fighting game community from this weekend

Unsure what the best title for this would be- but this idea popped into my head due to something this weekend.

I was wondering, on tournaments like EVO, how many new players do they bring into the community? It sometimes feels like the community does a lot of "preaching to the choir’- which is great, and needed some, but does it bring new players into the scene? Eventually, new blood is needed. One comment I did hear was “how do you get people to go to tournies if they feel they’re just going to get raped?” My idea would be to make an event out of it- moreso then the way EVO does.

I wondered if a gaming-fandom type con, that had full tournaments going on as well- would work, or would the two groups repel each other. Part of me wonders if the Wongs, Valles, and Chois of the world could stand being in the same place as say, cosplayers, and vice versa. Fannish activities would be encouraged. The hardcores would still have the tournies, and I figured with the larger crowd there due to the fannish activities, the tourney pools would be larger as well- and having one central location would make things more organized. There would also be panels on how to improve your game, so to speak, as well.

I’m just wondering if such a concept could work. I’m thinking no, but you never know. And no, I am not planning such a thing- since I’m not sure on the concept- but I thought it would be neat.

Isn’t that what they tried at Showdown Championships in TX? The fanboys outnumbered the fighting game players and unsurprisingly became the primary focus of the staff. I understand that it was held at an anime centre, but wouldn’t it eventually follow a similar trend? AFAIK those game/anime cons always draw bigger numbers than fighting game tournaments, the main purpose of Evo would become more about drawing in new players (haha, like those people would go back for the actual tournament the next year) instead of bringing together the best players. Sounds like a decent idea on paper but the SF tournament scene is one of the few subcultures left in the video game industry with some soul in it… Turning Evo into an anime convention (or the like) would be detrimental to its cause.

Just my 1 cent.

Well I think they should leave EVO as is, but it would be cool in the future to just see some general gamer gatherings. If they just had gaming conventions you may have someone walk by the fighters area, see something that looks cool, and stop to watch. You can only hope to get new people interested if they are exposed to the games, and people may be more likely to try a game when it’s not necessarily in a tournament situation.

Yeah, Evo should remain Evo. You kinda got the idea I mentioned. There’s something called Magsfest in Virginia, but it doesn’t seem to fit the concept I’m looking for exactly.

Generally, I think a big problem is that you can’t “convert” the fanboys into serious players- or that there aren’t really any fanboys who are serious players. That would be a big pool of new players. I know for the SNK scene, I think there are more cosplayers out there, then actual players. Turning some of those cosplayers into actual players would do wonders.

:rofl: :angel: :angel: :wink: it’s funny this is a thread. you’ll see how this turns out very soon.:lovin: :annoy: :wasted: :sweat: :arazz: :looney: :lovin:

The scene needs more younger gamers who wanna get really good… Arcades arnt around so its hard for westerner young kids to be like “ooo lets play 3rd strike” We all would want the scene to get bigger, at least big as it is overseas. this would mean more game releases over here and better/more competion emerging. Only downside is more stupid fanboys, and scrubs but thats a price u have to pay

We need more female gamers. It made things more intresting and they all left several years ago, there still a couple lingering around but most lay low on the scene now a days. The couple that do appear are actually quite decent some im curious to what happened ynow?

There are tons of local tournies all over, people should start there and progress towards a higher level of competition, like everyone else always has.

I think that’s the whole point of the Bring Your Own Console area and all the side-tournies, though. A lot of the reason I go to Evo in the first place is to hang out with people I know from the forum that live in random places (shout-out to RoninChaos and the boys!). Also, the casual matches are great and it really brings your game up even moreso than the tourney sometimes.

Evo is already a huge event outside of the tournaments themselves. They just need to figure out a way to better express that to those outside looking in.


I’d say it’s hard to get new players when there aren’t new (2D) fighting games being released outside of Japan.

See, thats the thing, those people aren’t going to be competitive anyway. Evo is out there, and if people want to play SF, they will find out about it.

Imagine having a small pitcher of lemonade, and you want to make some more lemonade, so you need more lemons. You don’t have any, but you have some tomatoes, and you suppose that is close enough to lemons, so you try to juice them, and pour them into the lemonade. You have more stuff than before, but its certainly no longer lemonade, and pretty gross. Thats what will happen if you make Evo an fancon, tomatoade.

that was the most awkward analogy i’ve ever heard

Haha, well, it made sense to me. My point was that you would be drawing from the wrong base. I would be looking more towards competitive gamers of other types of games, because you know they have the competitive spirit. The only challenge is to get them to like the game. With con goers, you have to get them to like the game, and become competitive players, which is a lot harder. That and I think making it a con would end up ruining the event.

rofl! word eric.