A couple of Yun changes in USF4 from Japanese loctest




Invincibility removed from HK Nishou Kyaku.
Zenpou Tenshin has reduced throw range
Crouching MP and Standing MP damage increased by 10

I’ll update this thread whenever we get more details


I know they are just testing now so I wont cry until they release Ultra. I’m just scared at this point.

I fear Yun will be lower end of the tiers come Ultra. He’s like 4-5.5 vs the whole cast (exception being dahlism). I think he’s one of the most balanced characters in the game. Now everyone is getting buffed. He is getting some nerfs and 10 dmg on 1 move. He will have bad matchups left and right. I don’t like what they’re doing with other characters either. Seth, Akuma, Adon, Sakura, and Fei Long are getting massive nerfs. I don’t play any of these characters but they are really over doing it. And massive buffs to Ken who is already strong. Same as Balrog, his pressure is going to be ridiculous. Going to be like 8-2 matchup vs Yun.


Invincibility removed from HK Nishou Kyaku.

dat change is ridiculous, Yun is now free without meter, nishou LK don’t hit crouching opponents. We request for some buffs like Ultra 2 more useful, aerial target combo who hits all saving attacks, and they nerf our character.
The only one on Earth that have good results in big tournaments with Yun is Kazunoko. I don’t understand these nerfs.


Why nerf Yun even more… did they even fucking read some of the suggestions.


Nerf Yun and Bipson, two characters who people NEVER see and aren’t all that great.

Sakura and Akuma? Yeah they get to keep 95% of what made them godlike, on top of Akuma being one of the characters to benefit most from both ultras.


Man I’m def bummed about the dragon kick nerf didn’t see that one coming they could of at least reduced the recovery frame on divekick by at least 1


They saw US complain about Kazunoko waking up with HK DP and decided to nerf it.


Wake up HK dragon kicks is already hella risky right now because we can’t make it safe. Now we’ll have to spend 1 bar to take the same risk that could cost us half our health. Golf clap.

To Combofiend:



Well combofiend put forward a list of suggested changes, it was up to Capcom Japan to do or not do someting with them.
But yeah looking at the capcom unity threads it was pretty universal what the people wanted for this character, and this was not it.
Alot of characters didn’t get what they needed.


Exactly. They didn’t see how hard he got punished losing 30 percent of his health to get out. You can’t fadc. Ugh. I know its testing but man…



The dragon kick nerf is beyond stupidity. The purpose of this nerf was to reduce Yun pressure game after ex lunge punch, but this nerf alone is enough to kill him.
I can assure you guys that every Yun tournament players including myself will either quit sf or change main, if this nerf remains.


Tenshin reduced by .1? That’s fine, because Dmg buffs on his medium punches will make his punishes/okis/command grab game OBSCENE

Nerf on his HK DK?

LOL I’m not maining Yun if this change makes it to the last iteration. Like Soul Crusher said, this nerf alone is enough to kill him.

Most characters have a meaty that’ll trade with it and Yun loses 30%-40+% of his life if baited and they’re getting rid of it? Fuckin dumb.

At top lvl, the only way you can get in with Yun is variations of his jump in, and the only thing that’s stopping characters that can jab him out is the fact that after air reset, Yun has the option to DP or go on the offensive again. They take his dp and it’ll seriously hurt his neutral game. I hope enough Yuns take to capcom before the final release to un-nerf this, or he’s done.


2 words, change main


2 words, "pick yang"Yun is my secondary but yang might be my moving from my 3rd-secondary.Kaiser the only thing that will make me sad if they didn’t make all versions of his dragon kicks hit crouching characters.I will try my best to test this out at location test at Nec if he didn’t get 1 thing to wake up reversal with then he would need to keep 1 meter have a threatening defensive option. Now that balrog is almost unpunisable he will be a clear choose to counter yun or at least be 7-3 balrog.


These nerfs are clearly a hate crime towards the Chinese.


Yun had his chance, now it’s time to pass the torch to his little brother Yang…
Seriousely though, the loss of invincibility on hk dp is pretty big, and for no reason :confused:
Hope some Yun players at the location tests will pass on thier displeasure with the nerf and lack of buffs.


They need to vastly improve his dive kick then I believe make him all offense no defense then nerfing his dragon kick will be ok


I’ll be at Super Arcade this week to play at the loctest, hopefully Yun is still good although I am skeptical. Everyone I talk to at Super thinks he deserved the nerf because apparently Yun having any escape option is too good. I think he’s such a well rounded character, so it’s just upsetting that they took away such a big defensive and mixup tool for no reason. There are no high profile Yun players in the US and only Kazunoko and Kaiser worldwide, so it’s baffling. I’m still going to try to make it work though. Good thing these changes aren’t final.


I’m still gonna do it. :smiley: