A couple questions about customizing my fight stick

  1. Is it really necessary to get a plexi top once I open it up and change the art? I know it sounds strange but I really do like the stock top. I might get a plexi later on, but I just seen a friends and it was scratched beyond belief.

  2. I was considering getting a bezel, but I’m not sure how it fits exactly. I have a TE “S” fight stick and the top of it is flush, as in there is no edge. Would it still fit on there?

  3. Lastly, and more of a comment, I was trying to remove the screws on the face of the fight stick and they started stripping almost instantly, did anyone else have this problem? It is like they are made of clay.

  1. I wouldn’t think that a plexi glass is needed but it probably looks better.
  2. It probably would
  3. Madcatz somehow always had this probably. Same went for the SE sticks…
  1. I don’t know if it’s necessary, but I think a big factor is what material you get your artwork printed on. Most people have theirs printed on cardstock, so the plexi is to protect the artwork. Sweat/scratches from playing would definitely ruin artwork printed on cardstock or other printing papers

  2. I’m not sure since I do not own a “S” model

  3. The screws stripping has happened to other people. Some guy posted a series of videos on youtube showing how to mod a TE stick and his stock screws stripped so he ended up replacing them w/ normal screws. Luckily, that problem has not happened to me yet