A couple questions about Hori EX 2 (Just got one)

I got the Soul Calibur IV Xbox 360 version of the Hori EX2 stick.

Does anyone else here have an EX2? Mine seems to have some trouble with connecting to headsets. Does anyone else have this problem? People can hear me but I can’t hear them.

Also, if any of you have SoulCalibur IV. What do you use for the button setup?


What should go where on this set up?
Thanks for the help.

as for the layout:

the greatness of the Essential Joystick Thread which is stickied which has a link that leads to this thread


i play with
4=G as shown by your layout

playing as
_ A B K
G _ _ _ just feels weird for me on my FS 3/EX2/WII

i don’t know anything about your headset problem sorry, maybe some other guy can help

return the stick the headset should work!!! (or atleast i would) Ive had two ex2 and never had a problem with the headset