A couple SSF4 character specific questions


I’ve been wondering for a while, how do certain characters deal with “perfectly” timed LV 3 FAs on wakeup? I play Sak and basically any shoto so I know I can just mash out a DP or whatever and be fine, but I was wondering what other characters do. Does every character have a reversal special that either armor breaks or cancels the FA (like a command grab)? Or is there a way to get out of it that doesn’t even involve reversal specials?

My other question is regarding the special air throws, like Fuerte and Guy. What’s the normal/best way to avoid getting chain thrown by these moves? Mashing out a dp seems to be unsafe, and that’s even assuming you have a character with a move like that to mash out on wakeup. Does simply holding up work?

Thanks in advance :lovin:

  1. backdash

  2. same as above


Do you mean guy’s bushin flip? All you have to do is crouch and he can’t throw you. Also don’t jump or backdash against it because it grabs things in the air.


I think anything done as a reversal gains the armor-break property.


Back dashing has 6 frames of invincibility and the attack should go right through you.
Jumping, however this could be a bad idea against characters with FA’s that hit higher, like Balrog’s and Sim’s.
Grab them if their close enough and their timing is a bit off.
Reversals break armor, however certain attacks don’t have startup invincibility, and it could hit you in the startup frames, so you’d have to know which ones have that.

As for the throws from Fuerte, I’ve found backdashing and straight jumping can help. Focus attacks help against their jumping attacks, like Tostada Press and Elbow Drop.


Anything that has a knock-down property. Projectiles don’t.


A knockdown property is not required.