A couple stick ideas -- original?


I’ve been browsing the custom stick gallery for some time now. There’s a lot of really nice stuff in there; I thought that this was really neat and creative. Most of the custom sticks seem to use the Happ/Sanwa/Seimitsu joystick, and for good reason – they’re good parts. I was wondering if there was a different sort of working joystick model out there, though…

I grew up on Super Smash Bros and Super Smash Bros Melee, one of the few (only?) fighting games that are really optimized to use a console controller. A few months ago I started to get interested in other fighting games, specifically stuff like 3S, Guilty Gear XX, and Virtua Fighter. I played these games with one of my friends who owns a couple of arcade sticks (the Hori Ex 2 models for the Xbox 360 – it uses the Japanese-style joystick). The stick is, obviously, much better than using the 360 controller, if only for the superior button layout. The problem I’ve been having is that the joystick itself feels very, very awkward to me. I suspect this is because I spent so many years playing Smash, with its usage of the N64/Gamecube analog stick for movement. As it’s in my nature to try to change what pisses me off about the world instead of adapt to it, I’ve been looking into building a custom stick.

I’ve had a two original ideas for sticks that would work for me. At least I think they’re original, because I haven’t seen anything like them before. I tried to make some models but I totally fail at art, so I’ll have to settle for description:

The first stick idea is similar to many out there in the custom stick gallery, but with the joystick replaced by an analog stick similar to that of the Gamecube controller (with its oh-so-helpful octagonal well). Underneath the joystick side of the controller, and its edge, would be molded to fit my hand/fingers so I could wrap them around the stick and put my fingers underneath – with my thumb resting on the analog stick.

My problem with creating that idea, so far, has been my inability to find a proper analog stick to replace the part where one would normally put the joystick. I’m not really sure how the Gamecube analog stick circuitry works – would it be possible to just dike that out of an old Gamecube controller and wire it in to a regular stick circuit board? That would be the best, if it is possible – it even has an octagonal well already ready-for-use. edit: That’s probably a stupid question. The real question is could I hook it up to trigger the electrical signals similar to how a normal joystick triggers its own signals.

My second idea is more of a controller than a stick. The idea would be having a controller that just has the two prongs for wrapping your hands – similar to a modern controller like the Gamecube or Xbox360. The left face would have the analog stick, but the six or eight buttons would be on a fairly original position – on the back-side of the prongs, where you normally rest your fingers. This seems to me like a pretty good controller idea (you automatically have a finger on every button), but I haven’t seen anyone try this out yet. I’m currently stuck because I can’t find a good plastic controller to use as my base. Any ideas?

I suppose I’m just looking for some additional ideas or comments here. I’d also note that I haven’t tried the American-style joystick yet – maybe I should try that first, I might be more comfortable with that than I am with the Japanese style on the Hori Ex 2.


Well…They are definitely unique and sound cool. But…

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All I gotta say is you got balls and good luck not getting flamed :confused:

Other than that they are original and interesting.


Yeah that might be good for Smash Nintendo games but for fighting games, just use a controller if you want a bullshit analog thumb stick.


well, technically the best controller of all is some sort of keyboard.

Only problem is getting used to it, and then being handicapped when you have to use something else.