A couple vids

Yo. Hope everybody’s been cool. I’dve put this topic in the fighting game discussion section, but one of the vids has to do with an RPG, so I figured this would be more appropriate.

Sometime last year, I posted a combo vid on here, just trying to get a little feedback, be it positive or negative. I recently made another one, and was wondering if I could get feedback on it as well.

  • [media=youtube]grD20w438pY[/media]

A few things…

  • I’m aware that most of these combos are quite impractical, but that goes with the territory in making a combo vid sometimes.

  • I also know that there are harder combos possible in KOF XI. I just thought I’d run down a few ways to Dream Cancel.

  • Finally, upon watching it over myself, some of the combos in both Accent Core and Arcana Heart could have probably been improved upon or lengthened.

All the same, here’s hoping it’s decent at best, if nothing else.

Secondly, I’ve put up a vid on Tales of Vesperia, showing how I went about passing the 200-hit mark with Yuri, as most I’ve seen, like in the vid I made it a response to, utilize Divine Wolf - Flood. It gets repetitive, but again, like the prior vid, it’s more for demonstration purposes.

  • [media=youtube]OFgcaHH8WoQ[/media]

Or in the Video thread…


pro tales of game players itt

I really like that Tales vid. I always wanted to do combos similar to that, but got lazy in trying to get the artes and ended up dropping the game. Watching that vid makes me want to play it again.

Right. Forgot about the Vid Thread entirely, but I was feeling tired and lazy as it was. =P

And yeah, it was actually because I watched one of Tritaga’s Vesperia videos that I pulled out Vesperia and Abyss again.

I want to be able to play with Judith the way he does, though he says that swillo’s vids are better.

You will get a infraction…

I has 2 :smiley:

Nice video

I just sped through Abyss. For some reason, I couldn’t get myself hooked compared to other Tales games. I like Judith’s air combos. The yt videos are so fucking creative.
I wish for the next Tales game that they allow you to map more artes to the controller. It’d make combo videos even more fun to watch.

It’s fine. I made that mistake.

And, yeah, I’m more fond of Abyss myself. Not all the Tales games keep the overall speed and flow that Tales of Symphonia brought battle system wise, but Abyss also introduced (I think, anyway) the free run action, among other things that have become staples in the series.