A day in the life of a booth babr


Browsing slash dot, I came across this article and thought, I’m part of two groups that deal with booth babes.



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Bitches complain about anything dont they?
Getting paid to stand around, look hot, and get attention, and they still complain.


PM me for the booth babe that got all dressed up for E3 but forgot her underwear.


…and the best comment award goes to Pascal Altena!


This made me laugh as well:


Really? You’re standing there 60-80% naked and you expect men not to look at you in a sexual manner?


I wonder how many times they wind up doing it. Maybe they thought it’d be a cake walk. I got to get to one of these conventions though.

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One last thing - why are they working so cheap? $170 for the whole day? Really?!


Because they’re failed models who can’t work anywhere else but nerd conventions.


Mos def a shitty job. Have you seen the dudes at tournaments and conventions? Atrocious.


If you don’t like being ogled at then why accept to do this in the first place?
Oh… now I see why they’re booth babes.


People told every day since they were kids - You wont get by in life with good looks and charm

Find a job that lets you do just that - Complain about it anyway



This is interesting POV.
Hopefully this article bring up awareness to the life style of booth babes hopefully company can be more considerate of of their promoters.


Eh, just do away with booth babes. Problem solved.


send it my way…:coffee:


Man, my lemonade stall doesn’t make nearly 130 bucks a day and the highheels and swimsuit I wear don’t help me at all.
Some people have it made.


At least the one who does have a problem with it is moving on to be a product manager.

I wonder how much the Price is Right models get.


I wanted to write something clever about models bidding their hotness without going over but I’m just too lazy. Imagine something witty here in this post’s place or write your own.


ITP: Ignorant male who doesn’t realize how much time and effort goes into looking ‘hot’.

There’s a reason why people have said for a long time that ‘beauty is pain’. Don’t believe me? Go get a wax.


can’t they just ask the company to pay them more? They don’t have to accept only 170 if they are putting in more than 170 dollars of effort. I do feel for them. Being dressed as they often are in a room of people who don’t know how to interact with the opposite sex does seem pretty awkward. Makes it easier for some people to eat though (the ones who happen to know how to)

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They’d just find someone else willing to do it for 170 instead.


Only ugly girls need to take “time and effort” to look hot.