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another really useful resource

I’ll try and start this with Anakaris. I will continue to come back and edit this post for Anakaris in order to keep his info organized. I will scan his specific character thread to check and see if there is any useful information there outside of combos and set-ups.


character info: solo


Anakaris’ fastest normal(s) is/are:

standing: st.lk [3 frames]
crouching: cr.lp, cr.lk [3 frames]
jumping: j.lp [3 frames]

Idainaru Bohi (air only)
-F + K

Seinaru Bohi (air only)
-D + K

Ooinaru Bohi (air only)
-DF + K

Seija no Ayumi (standing overhead)
-B + LK


Hitsugi no Mai (air) [23 frames]

  • D, D + P or K
    Button pressed determines location (close) LP - HP - LK - HK (far)

Cobra Blow (air) [13 frames for LP, 18 frames for HP]

  • B, F + P

Miira Drop (air) [6 frames for LP/HP]

  • D, DF, F + P

Ouke no Sabaki (air)
[26 frames for LK, 48 frames recovery; 26 frames for HK; 74 frames recovery]

  • D, DF, F + K


Pharaoh Magic (air) [6+16]

  • HK -> LP -> D -> LK -> HP

Pharoah Cobra Blow (air) [8+1]

  • B, F + PP
    P/K repeatedly to attack
    (low) HK, LK, HP, LP (high)
    *flash doesn’t cause opponent to block…useful in unblockable DHCs

Pharoah Illusion [10+0]

  • LP -> LP -> F -> LK -> HP
    Use joystick to move, buttons to attack

Hitsugi no Utage (air) [4+11]
-D, D + PP
*this super does not drop the coffins in a random pattern. they always fall in this order: far (HK), near (LP), mid (LK), near (LP), far (HK), mid (HP), mid (LK)
**each coffin does 15 pts…5pts less than the special move


Anakaris has no normal throws, but if you want to consider Miira Drop as a command throw, be my guest.



Anakaris takes 125% dmg.

Anakaris has an awkwardly slow jump.
His ground dash covers only about 1/4 - 1/3th of the screen.

Air Kuuchu Dash [1-way forward dash]
- F, F or PP
*Anakaris can only perform the kuuchu dash at and/or after the peak of his jump. He can kuuchu dash instantly on super-jump.

block stun/guard stiffness time

7+0…reaches near half-screen

[I wonder what the +0 means here in reference to the time it takes for the snapback to come out…maybe the recovery time?]


St.hk goes over crouching attacks.
Anakaris’ Bohi moves during super-jump resets him to nj, thus allowing him to call assists after super-jump.


I could be wrong, but I think that’s just a way to calibrate a PPad for Anakaris for 100% accuracy.

Neat idea for a thread, Anak is definitely a character that needs exploration.

lol. Ohhh. haha! As far as what is programming Anak to do, I think I at least got that right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this is not meant to be an Anak-only thread. I’m starting with him since he was first brought up in Hustleman’s thread. Afterwards, I’m going to post some team chemistry stuff there.

he is “A” too.

don’t know if this pertains, but…people should try working on cr.hp, sj.>seinaru bohi. you wanna do it to land as quick as possible. you can use it for assist kills (impractical) or for dash under resets (increased super cobra blow damage)

it’s very easy to do it too late (and you perform the move, but still float a bit) or get a coffin drop. i’ve practiced to be able to avoid coffin drop pretty consistantly. I believe I launch, go to neutral for a sec, up and then down+hk. if done correctly you’re recovered on the ground really quickly and can dash under, launch.

That’s good stuff. Allows you to recover from your cr.hp faster and proceed from there. I like this assist kill idea. I already use it for cross-ups. I use the Idainaru or the Ooinaru Bohi’s for those though (they get me to the other side of my opponent if I cancel his sj fast enough). Most opponents will continue to block in the same direction until trained not to do so. Then, I would start to mix it up with his Seinaru Bohi. :confused:

I guess now is the phase where I start working on some combos, resets for Anak solo. I’ll scan the Anak thread and see what’s there. Any combos in particular that you’ve picked up with him during your play, BoD?

you can also mixup up with uncrouchable idle hands after the recovery coffin drop.

well…I’ve listed some useful combos/resets with sonson and shit in his thread.

launch+sonson, sjup+forward (sonson’s hitting) you crossup, sonsons hits opponent in to you, lp, lk, super cobra blow (you did a crossup and sonson pushed the opponent into you=heavy damage)

another assist kill, which is useful dpeending on character and position (though only on medium sized characters and up) is, launch, lp, delay, lk, bigger delay, mk. especially good on a sentinel when you’re not near the corner (you can’t use launch, lp, lk, lpcobra blow, lp, lk to bring him to corner)

not much stuff solo.sjc some of his normals, like cr.mp, is similar to sjc. tron’s flame, but really, it’s sorta easy to see.

launch, lp, delay lk,bigger delay mp, air dash to crossup, lp, lk, super cobra blow… :confused:

yeah, I can use the df+hk sjc, but I think d+hk is better

basic skills: solo

-pokes, angles of normals
*mid-screen, corner, close-range
*air combos
*how to land his supers
-resets, mixups, mindgames
-what you can sj cancel
-other subtleties

It’s good to know all that stuff but what usually happens in a real match is you zone people out with his full screen block strings. I use dash up fcr.lp crmp s.hp + sentinel (a). then if i see them jump up and dash forward, i sj jump up (f)hk dash back down and repeat the block strong. It sounds simple but it’s effective. The other thing, if you know they’re going to dash downforward with HP (mag storm) you can do blast --> inferno. Um, the only time I really get combos is in the corner when I do the FSD one into stuff or when I get midscreen launch into dlk, hp+cyke aaa --> inferno.

The other thing that ends up happening is playing runaway and poking at their assists with sentinel(a). That usually frustrates the point.

Pokes, angles of normals: most useful one is HK. Dash up (f)s.hk is extremely useful, stops a ton of stuff and usually helps the “frustrating mindgame” i go for the most.

combos: the very useful stuff is cr.lp cr.mp + sentinel (a) cr. hp | air combo into inferno + cyke (non corner) | anything that goes into a strike, like in the corner, launch hp addf d.hp hk, strike.

— skipping a few sections

GBs: usually people die near the corner and i always do, dash back, sj dash forward, (f)hk --> walk forward launch or hk --> blast --> inferno. Mid screen i try to do sj hk addf lk launch… Kinda hard though since most people just mash against him so I do blast =O

resets mixups and mindgames: Usually, I don’t go for resets with him. I use a mixup to get a combo and that’s about it. My favorite one is jump up + cyke (aaa) (f)lp on a crouching person, dash forward, dash back, strike. If not , just tri jumping with him. The only mindgame I can really get to work is: frustrate the point into calling his assist incorrectly. Or to dash/air dash into combos or pokes. Eventually they’ll be more defensive and you’ll be able to get in easier. Most people just mash all the time so I’m always defensive and call Sent after i block something.

What you can SJC: HK is the only one that I ever SJC in a match, usually in a corner if I want to do an infinite on storm or mag. OH, and I guess (f)crmp |+ sentinel if I want to do a strike setup…but its kinda hard >=(

other subtleties: sliding under HSF iskinda useful. Teleporting on reaction to ahvbs --> strike is useful. remembering he has bad defense is useful (makes you think again befoer attacking). his teleport --> air dash can be used for infinite runaway.


Hmm. I think MTro just dropped a Sim bomb on you. Thread title is pretty misleading :tup:

Yeah, though it was a good read. The whole time I was reading I was just like, ?_? lol

lol. yeah it is misleading. sorry for not reading.

This is pretty useful stuff. Esp. the s. rh stopping everything.

Who do you think goes best with Sim?

Sent(a), Cycke (aaa).

someone that can set up damage and or combos from all his ranges and angles. Speed is very necessary.

I don’t want to dwell too long on this character, because I think Marvel has already been pushed to it’s point of maturity. Remember, these are my personal opinions only.


His mummy curse reset infinite is a priority in his game and should be focused on as much as Cable focuses on catching an opponent w/ an AHVB w/ meter. That being said, when considering any team chemistry with Anak, he MUST have at least 1 character (the 3rd) that sets up for this. This–coupled with his poor DHC option tree–also means that Anak would best serve the team as the 1st point. The way I play Anak, I don’t dump too many supers so he generally builds meter for the next character.


-Anak will almost always play as the 1st character on a team

-the 3rd character on the team should be capable of assisting Anak in setting up his mummy curse (insert training mode here)

-the 2nd character MUST be someone who
a) could quite possibly carry the team if Anak fails (keep in mind his poor stamina)
b) could make good use of the meter that Anak manages to build
c) has strong applications for character 3’s assist type
d) offers a safe DHC off of Anak
e) has a formidable set-up off of at least 1 of Anak’s assists
f) offers a DHC connect after idle hands

I disagree.

in higher level play, getting that curse is extremely rare. or at least for people who are used to it. also, having a character that sets it up is not needed, but nice. and the 2nd character can easily be that assist too… as seen with gabe’s team: anak/storm/sonson or mine: anak/IM/sonson. gabe also uses anak/storm/juggz which has either/or option.

ultimately what you’ll want to finish off with is his launch to super cobra blow super, and in some cases DHC to Hail.

as with any team, the next character should be pretty versatile and use meter (storm)

really, my point is that you really won’t be making his curse a priority, but if it hits use it…either curse infinite, or launch+sonson, for example, crossover SCB does massive damage…and if it doesn’t kill, DHC to hail. anak/storm/sonson is definately his strongest team IMO

In higher level play getting caught by a random hyper grav is not that impossible. Why make random mummy curse any different?

Also, you shouldn’t rule it out because it hasn’t been done. Anakariscurse often drops random mummy opportunities on sj just to keep something out there. Also, use of the lk version makes it safer, as Anak recovers much faster. Practice should make landing his mummy curse as effective as mag uses c.lkx2, psy-aa. Of course, mobility is a whole nother’ subject.

edit: Don’t get me wrong, BoD. I’m not saying drop them 24/7, but make sure your team offers an option for it if you happen to connect.

which is exactly what I said…YOU said to make it a priority. no one is going to make random hyper gravs priority.

don’t worry, gabe throws random ones out…so do I…they’re useful for area control and people will want to avoid them. but by no means is that the priority or otherwise you won’t be winning many games.

obviously the LK one is the one to go for…it will never be as effective as cr.lk+psy, mk…

but it looks like you understand now.

like with anak/sonson/tron…if one connects, you have options that aren’t another curse.