A difference between training and opponents

So I’ve been looking for a main and decided on Viper for a few days or so. After watching random streams I got some love for Ibuki again and went back to her. When I’m in the challenge mode( What I use to practice their combos), I can get a lot of success out of my combos with Ibuki. I get all the way up to challenge 21 before having difficulties. To me it feels my fingers have a natural muscle memory for Ibuki, y’know? But when I go online or into the arcade mode, it’s like I can’t pull off anything, but random kunai and fail punishes. I’ll get the kunai behind the back vortex started, but my punches won’t come out. It’s like I press all the buttons, but only the backhand punch comes out.

Am I freezing up because I’m online or do I just not know the combos the way I think I do?

I assume you are trying to use TC4 (lp xx mp xx hp) - if so, what you are seeing is the result of being too hasty with your inputs. You are probably exciting that your kunai hit as you know it allows you to start your vortex and so you are rushing the inputs the second your feet touch the ground. What you need to understand is that you are still in recovery from jumping and that any buttons you press won’t come out. Thus by the time you have recovered, you are already up to the hp input of TC4 which is why you see it as the only thing that comes out…

If you land the kunai, slow it down. You have plenty of time to recover and then start TC4 before the hit stun wears off. Just wait a brief moment and then start it. Keep practicing on a training dummy and put it on block random, that way if you hit the kunai but dont combo into it, chances are it will end up blocking TC4 and you will know you were too slow. Keep this up until you see that big combo you’re looking for 4-6hits depending on what you’re actually doing.

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