A different type of fighting gamer stereotype

I’ve thought about this a lot of and on, but the other stereotype threads made me decide to share this.

It seems there’s some common aspects of players with certain fighting games. Of course, there are exceptions to every stereotype, but these seem universal for the most part.

3rd Strike player:

Complete stoner. Usually hippyish looking (long hair, beards.) These guys can sit at home all day with a dime bag and figure out every single normalfrom every character that will beat Chun’s c.mk, clean (then forget it all later.) They can play with stick AND pad because “have you ever played Urien with a pad… on weed?” I also always hear these people say, “wanna chief and play some 3s?” and they also think they play better high.

Marvel player:

I don’t know why, but it usually seems like Marvel is nothing but some legit hustlers (cause I’m sure some are) and some not-so-legit wanna be gangsters. These dudes take this game as serious as possible and either put up some real money to play or talk WAY too much shit. These dudes ALWAYS represent their local arcade/scene and usually create the most drama for their respective game.

Guilty Gear player:

Younger goth anime nerds. These dudes are usually pad scrubs and think there game is freaking SACRED or something. Usually roll in pretty tight nit groups for fear of being seen and beat up by the Marvel players. A lot of them are know-it-all smart asses and argue about shit you don’t care about (ie, how to pronounce character names.) These players have been known to ban THE dumbest shit from certian GG tournies like “joysticks” and Millia’s “hair move.” lol

Super Turbo player:

Thirty-something married man that barely has time to make it to tourneis, but somehow convinces his wife this is the “last one” he’s attending. Usually the most normal looking of all the fighting game players and always talk about “the good old days.” These dudes usually play CvS2, too. I don’t know why.

I play all of these games and I know these aren’t true for everyone, but this is something I’ve noticed out of most of the players I see.

Anyone else notice any other stereotypes like this?

ps - SNK players:

Cross hand.

arcana heart/melty blood/eternal fighter zero players

long greasy hair, unkempt peach fuzz facial hair, extreme pale, acne ridden face, hawaiian shirts, cheeto stained undershirt, generally awkward demeanor, either horrendously obese or anorexic thin, drools over 10 year old girls that pass them on the street

I think marvel has the stoner stereotype down.

they look like that in the UK, too? lol

fighting game players in general have little or almost no life aspirations

1,000,000% false on every account.


Everyone knows that half of the Marvel scene are thugs who fight over money matches. Duh.

Oh? Not the ones I know, or myself.

marvel players are stoners/drug dealers

Vampire Savior players are family.

Lol, hmmm ST, CvS2, and Melty Blood. I totally don’t fit any of those things…

lol, me and my friend were talkin about this the other day.

i agree with everything except the 3s crowd. the 3s crowd are usually professionals that has a well paying job.

cvs2 crowd is a mix of everything from what i noticed.

mvc2 cats are the coolest. ggxx is easily the lamest. although like always, theres exceptions. reno crew is tight.

You’ve never been to any of the West Toasts :xeye:

Aren’t you all asian and skinny as hell? That last vid was full of AZN

Honestly I’m the only pudgy anime otaku fag stereotype in the mb community on ec.

Thats true of most of the AI and IF crews, although some of the people that travel further are leaning towards your stereotypicaly MB player. The skinny asians just happen to be the ones that played well and thus got recorded (not me and other non asians).

Stay away from the camera then :annoy:!!!1!1

Beat me in MvC2 and I cut you!


Man, there are some fucked-up stereotypes in here. Btw, I haven’t seen ANY GG players that fit that description. And the area I live in? Full of goths/emo kids that argue over how to pronounce names, etc.

Except Danny. Nvm… :lol:

ha…not really any of those gg stereotypes fits us in houston either

heres a sample
we the most ragtag group of mofos to ever pick up the game

I used to look like a 3s player by your discription, but I’m a cvs2/sf2 player.