A Disney Poster by the Legendary Wally Wood

This one’s for you, sano!

Ha ha it’s pretty funny thanks! :rofl:

Immediately I thought:

Kingdom Hearts XXX

haha holy jeez i thought it was legit for a second.

well from the looks of it it is. it took all the bad things youve heard bout disney through jokes and what not and put them all in one genius poster.

It is a legit poster by the Legendary Wally Wood but he did it on his own. It’s not like Disney would like to pay people to create things like that based on their characters.

snow white gang banged by midgets = brilliance

Heh, I wonder why Wally Wood didn’t sign it though when he could of no problem, unless he was imitating the way Disney does things.

If you don’t know, Disney never allowed anyone to sign their artwork, the only signature that any of the comics could have is Walt Disney’s despite the fact that he couldn’t draw, nor did he write the stories. Otto Mesmer, the artist behind Mickey Mouse even came up with his signature. There’s a funny story about a kid who asked Walt Disney for his autograph who looked at it and said, “Hey you’re not Disney!” 'cuz it didn’t match the classic logo. :rofl:

It’s still the same, now on most Disney comics the artist’s signature and all of the credits are behind the cover. Which is one of the stupid things they do, along with the American branch forcing all artists to draw Dog People when most of the artists want to draw humans as the supporting cast, even historical figures become Dog People like Theodore Roosevelt! In other countries they are not as hung up about that and humans appear here and there but it’s rare.

Carl Barks, the Uncle Scrooge / Donald Duck artist and writer is the only one who was granted permission to sign Disney Artwork, Oil Paintings of the Duck Family in later years. He did so much for Disney he was allowed that privelege.

Back when no one was signing anything, people realized that one person’s artwork and stories were better than everyone elses, so soon the fans got together to discover the ‘Good Duck Artist’ and that’s why Carl Barks is known by the public now. Died a few years ago, RIP.

It sucks, but (not to abuse a cliche) things were rough all over for artists working in popular media at the time.

Know why there were so many Jews working in post-war comics and animation? They were the only businesses, particularly comics, that Jewish artists could break into, and they were the only ones willing to put up with the low pay and anonymity–because their alternative options were starvation and poverty.