A Dizzy/ Bridgett AV request

Can someone make me a avatar of Dizzy and Bridgett from #reload? ( im premium so you can animate it or make it bigger, larger, whateever, up to 48 kilo. )

heres a sprite of bridgett, if it could be color edited so his hair is silver and clothes green, that would be sick, ill post the dizzy sprite next.

dizzy here, i wanted a cooler sprite, but couldnt find one

Have you gone through the Dizzy sprite pack (here)?

Oh, and I threw this together. Sorry, I don’t have time to make anything better, I’m really busy. Maybe some one else will put a background, boarder, and name on it for you.









Or maybe some one will make something even better.

lol i likes it! if someone could make a bg or put my name in there, that would be great! =D


Sorry, wrong thread.