A doubt.

Is anybody expecting some SFEX character to appear in SFComics? Could udoneko please answer me? Is Capcom able to agree with a remodelation of SF1 characters to enter in comics, maybe? Or am I dreaming? It would be cool. I’d love to see how Capcom would redesign SF1 guys or how they would appear in comics. About SFEX, personally, I’d like to see Doctrine Dark, Vulcano Rosso and Skullomania in action.

I very much doubt that the EX cast will appear since the rights of those character’s come direct from Arika and not Capcom.

I hope not.The comic will go really bad for me if they do.I can see the people at Udon now-'Hey,we have 50 plus characters we have to give some time and story to in the limited amount of time and space we have now, why don’t we cram A WHOLE bunch of Ex characters in as well?

NO.HELL NO.(They suck anyways)

Generally I agree with the exception that I like Garuda and the Kairi, Hokuto and Nanase circle. But yeah the story’s already a bit fast paced, just adding more to it will probably mess up the entire project entirely. You can’t keep up with that many character’s really, not over the three or whatever years left anyway imho.

If Udon could take those shitty characters and make them work, that’d be dope.

I’d rather they didn’t because the EX characters don’t fit into the true SF universe.

For instance, didn’t Kairi kill Akuma in the EX universe?

I think they should just leave EX alone. Especially when there’s so many real street fighters that we haven’t seen yet.

They’re rushing through the story, but managing to skip a lot of the characters.

And as far as doubts go, I’m having my doubts that the comic will last long enough to go through the whole story. I know Udon is a small company, and I respect and appreciate the work they’re doing, but I think they’re overloading themselves.

They should handle one project at a time, and do that one project really well, instead of handling several subpar ones.


What about SF1 characters? Would you like to see them, redesigned?

Definately. SF1 chars rock.

Mohammed Ali

I’m with ya on the SF1 characters! Besides, we’ve seen Geki and Retsu in the comic, so why not Joe, Lee, Mike, and SF1 Birdie?! ^^

SF1 Birdie? No.
Well, I could see UDON possibly putting him in the background somewhere like they put Kazuya Mishima in the Cammy/DeeJay backstory, but to give him lines or even put him in the foreground would be all kinds of what-the-fuckery…

Lee could show up again, but not without either Gen or Yun/Yang.

Sagat, Adon, Gen & Birdie are accounted for.
Eagle will possibly show up in the SFII arc. He’ll probably become romantically involved with Zangief…
Joe is useless.
Geki is dead.
Mike is Balrog.

Here here,
I thought the comic was going to be Street Fighter, not Sakura/Cammy fanservice. The mythos is gone, we’re stuck on issue after issue of the main characters looking for a fight at or around some eating establishment. Yawn… Udon is stretched thin over all the Cap titles and Cap is sitting back and watching the license money roll in.
Sure the idea of fans in charge of a SF comic was great at first. But then we still had to sit through their interpritation and their story arch, Cap approved it all as long as the checks kept coming in. Doubtful we’ll ever see all of the SF characters pop up (and treated with any respect), let alone any Final Fight or EX guys. It was a good run while it lasted.
Udon I’ve stopped buying SF after #11 and I didn’t bother picking up your Darkstalkers. Good luck with whatever you pursue, how many deals you ink and how big you get.

From Street fighter #14

Oh by the way BigMex according to the plot guide the EX characters are non cannon since Arika has the rights to them and not capcom.



If you have any questions about the plot guide ask here.


udon comic fights.

Birdie vs. Guile

winner: Guile ( Guile is higher than Birdie in the offical tiers so he wins this fight )

Tier 4 Gulie

Tier 6 Birdie

Vega vs. E.Honda

Winner Vega ( vega is must higher than E.honda is in the offical Tiers so he wins this fight)

Tier 4 Vega

Tier 7 E.honda

Sagat vs. Ryu

Winner: Ryu

Vega vs. Ken

Winner: Ken( this fight could have gone either way but the winner was Ken.

Tier 3 Ken

Tier 4 Vega

Shadow vs. Chun-Li

winner: Shadow

Sakura vs. Dan

winner Sakura

Tier 5 Sakura

Tier 9 Dan

M.bison vs. Charlie

Winner. M.bison

Tier 1 M.Bison

Tier 3 Charlie

Akuma vs. Ryu and Ken

Winner Akuma

notes: of course Akuma is going win this one since he can destory mountains, Subs and islands with one punch or kick. he can also survived the extreme pressures of the deep ocean. Plus that to mention the fact that he’s faster, stronger and more powerful than both Ryu and Ken combine.

Ryu vs. Adon

Winner Ryu

Gen vs. one of the Dolls

Winner Gen

Tier 3 Gen

Tier 6 The Twelve Dolls

Chun-Li Vs. Cammy

Winner Chun-Li

Rose vs. Cammy

Winner Rose

Tier 3 Rose

Tier 5 Cammy

Ken vs. Vega Round 2

Winner Vega

Balrog vs. Ryu

Winner Ryu

Guile vs. Vega

Winner: tie

Kairi > The both of you.

Besides, the same guy who made the EX characters, made majority of the SF canon cast, you DO realize that, do you?

Once again, Life > You both. :tdown:

even though Arika made the majority of the SF canon cast Capcom still owns the rights to them.

note: Don’t you just love big coportations :rolleyes:

Man, he just said a fictional character is better than you both. Are you gonna just sit there and take that? :rolleyes:

Of course, that means a little less than dick. Arika owns EX characters, Capcom owns canon characters. THE END.

Reality > you

which issues are the GEn vs dolls fight in and the Ryu vs ADon fight?

What? You bum. I brought that up because they/he said the EX cast sucked, like they werent made by the SAME guy. I unno about you, but I’m pretty bright on the fact they cant be used in the comic. lmfao.


Canon or not Udon is allowed some artistic liberties with the characters. Listing of tiers as for why certain characters beat others in the comic is about as compelling as Star Trek versus Dr. Who forum wars… only fans of EVO would care about tiers, fans of the SF universe and good storytelling could accept alternate outcomes.
Comic art allows for greater freedom than just about any other artistic medium, even (modern) animation is hindered by what can be filmed as crucial to the story. All a comic book artist has to do is put it down in a panel and we take it at face value. If tiers were so damn important then the outcome of many comic book battles would be moot. Spider-Man, Superman, the Flash, the X-Men, Spawn… we know what they are capable of and whom they have already beaten, isn’t that why we’re shocked to see “minor” characters come out and beat a hero on a story arch? It is the reason comic book fans keep coming back, to see what develops to see what lessons are learned in each battle.
So far Udon has flown through many characters and has not taken the time to develop but a handful of fan favorites. This would be a Western thinking of sequential art… use the Street Fighters as super heroes and their fireballs and dragon punches as super powers. Build up great dramatic tension between Ryu and Shadowlaw even though we still don’t know anything about either side… How much history would be lost if Superman put Lex Luthor in jail the very first time he met him? How much history would be lost if we never knew a thing about Krypton or life on the Kent farm? Classic heroes take time to develop, we’re getting specks of history here and there and suddenly Ryu is “Evil Ryu” a few issues in… it took years for Akira Nishitani and Yoshiki Okamoto to develop and realize the SF universe, almost a decade from Street Fighter 1 to Street Fighter Alpha. Udon has taken 10 years of great characters, battles between good and evil and condensed it into a mush. I am no more attached to any of the main characters in the Udon comic now than when the series first started. I do know that Cammy’s ass has popped up more than enough times, as has Sakuras panties and Rose’s boobs… but that’s fanservice. Give the audience what they want rather than what they need.
Cap lost direction with their franchise years ago, back when the original SFII team splintered off and created SFEX, Samurai Showdown, Rumble Fish and many other games for other companies. Udon is the last studio that seems to care, and the fact that they are trying their best to keep the franchise alive is both a blessing and a curse. Too bad they aren’t game developers, else we might have something to look forward to. Don’t believe the hype in tiers or else nothing in the comic will ever suprise you.

Y’know, I could go into a whole diatribe here asking you if you really want to wait 10 years to get to SF2, etc.

But I’ll just leave it with this:

BigMex, shut the fuck up.

They’ve already brought in my two favorite characters (Cammy and Fei Long), so I couldn’t care less who’s next.