A euphoric thought


I think it could be highly interesting to a system like this for generating physics and player hit and block animation in a fighting game. The game might be a tad unpredictable due to dynamic animation and results but really cool otherwise? What do you think?

Maybe for something like a game centered around MMA, boxing, or something like that since it’s more centered towards realism… but not so much for a traditional style fighting game.

Predictability in a fighting game is a beautiful thing. Seriously, having a fighting game where the hit stun of a jab or any other attack has a chance of creating random things isn’t as fun as it would be. It would mean that you would have to memorize shit for a bunch of different variable animations.For more information on this, learn to RSF Ryu and the randomness of blanka’s hitbox in SF4.

On the other hand, a beat’em up with this would be the nutz.