A failing PCB or something i'm just not seeing?

I made a thread about this a little while ago but the problem seems to be permanent this time. My arcade stick just doesn’t seem to be working. The problem is every time I turn on my xbox 360 or plug in the arcade stick, the green light will flash around the xbox logo. However, it maintains a constant light and then immediately turns off after a few seconds. At no point does the 360 even register the controller as connected. I’m not sure if it was something I did or not. It worked fine for awhile, then one morning it stopped registering and would occassionally work. Right now, it’s just at a point where it doesn’t even register with the 360 anymore at all. It’s a custom arcade stick so I opened it up easily. There doesn’t appear to be any loose wiring. Anyone know what’s going on? BTW, in case I wasn’t clear, my arcade stick is wired.

I assume you dont have any issue connecting with another wired controller?
Have you tried using a different port to connect to?
Have you tried turning the xbox on using the guide button on the stick/controller?

Might wanna take a pic of this inside and maybe one of the geniuses here can figure it out for ya :slight_smile:

Sounds like a data line got severed. The stick is getting power, but because the data line isn’t connected, the controller can’t connect to the Xbox. If all of the USB wires are still connected at the PCB, then one of the cables in the cord may be broken. Look into replacing the cord. It may just be the USB connector at the break-away part of the cord, so try the break-away portion from another controller.