A fan fic I made

Here’s a fan fic I made, whadya think?

This one takes place after Vampire Savior- everyone’s alive- nobody dies not even Jedah & this soorta takes place a few months/weeks after Jedah failed to unite all souls into one:-

Chapter 1:-

In a castle atop a high mountain, Jedah Dohma sat on his throne leaning his face on his right fist. The recent news of 2 Makai clans war ended with both subdeing to lord Persimmon de Lepe was very sour news indeed. “I can’t belive that old fool’s has now control over those clans…now he’ll have a bigger army to continue this meaningless war for power in but a few years!” thought Jedah to himself. “This is disgusting what is happening to Makai…oh I wish I could just destroy this world & all my worries would go away…sighJedah melts to the floor then re-forms into his normal body as foot-steps approach
"My lord…" says a well-dressed demon bowing to Jedah. “Ah, Blanc, what news of the Soul Bee Extermination Team?” asks Jedah.
“Well, my lord they managed to get rid of a few colonies at Blaskia, but…”
sigh Very few have returned?”
“No, sir…”
“What, none of them have returned? By our ancestors, it’ll be hard to find replacements to…”
"Uh, forgvie my intereption sir, but only a few of them died…
“Then what is it?”
“Well sire, they all quit after destroying those Soul Bee colonies, said it was very annoying & tiresome sir…”
“WHAT?! Wh…why?!”
“Well, sir they got a better job hunting down Dark Hunters from lord Xell, sir.”
"AAAARGH!!! Now how am I supposed to eliminate those defects of nature!?“
Jedah sighs & turns into a liquid pool of himself
"Ow, well I’ll just over-look this…” Jedah said to himself.
"Feeling bad sir? Can I get you something?“
"AAAAH! Now look what you’ve down Freddy, I’ll never hear the end of this from lord Jedah!” Screamed a horrid voice.
“Yes…you could chain me from ripping that stupid ZOMBIE’S HEAD OFF!!!”
“Now take it easy sir it’s not like he does it all the time…I mean the last time he or that foolish follower of his broke anything was uh…2 hours ago?..”
“Uh why’d Ozom go & bring him back as a zombie…why?” “He’s terrible at battle & even more terrible in castle-keeping…ZABROCK!”
“YEEEYAAAA!” Yelped Zabel as he ran down the stairs making noise loud enough to “break lord Edward out of his meditation!” as Jedah would always comment on Zabel.

When Jedah had gotten back from the Majingen, he had found a zombie trying to enter the Dohma castle. Jedah subdued the zombie and after a short conversation learned his story. Jedah did not know what to do with Zabel- should he kill him, troture him or exile him to Bloody Desert where one shall endure what’s left of one’s life wandering in the red desert as it’s winds rip the body’s flesh from it’s bones. However, seeing as a zombie cannot be killed (or for that matter have his flesh torn off him), he decided to keep him as ‘a maid’. Now Zabel spends his days taking care of the Dohma castle along with his little friend Freddy wearning a pink apron & carrying with him brooms & other cleaning materials.

“Y-y-yes sire! What is it? If it’s about that noise I assure it was that…”
“It’s not that! Have you sent my letter to lord Xell?”
“Uh yes sir, I sent it this morning before I began cleaning the attic sir!”
"Good. Now get back to what you were doing & DON’T BREAK ANYTHING THIS TIME WHILE YOU ARE AT IT! I have enough trouble with this broken world as it is!"
Blanc was surprised- why would Jedah send a letter to lord Xell? “My lord…”
"If it’s about the letter Blanc, then you may follow me to the library & I shall explain it to you."
Jedah left the hall towards the library while Blanc followed him.

The Dohma’s library was a very large room the size of a 2 story house, fortunately there were some wraiths that would help those who were looking for a certain book find it for them.
Jedah sat down at a chair near the entrance and opened a red book at a page and showed it to Blanc.
“There Blanc. Can you read this?”
“Hmmm no sire, it must be an ancient language long forgotten, I take it you found a way to read it…what does it say?”
“Well Blanc, to make along story short- the chapter this page I am showing you, speaks of another Makai”
“What sir? I don’t follow you?”
“In another far off dimension there is a place called Makai. I don’t want to explain how it came to exist or anything else, but you must know that it has become my point of interest for some time. …and just recently I have decided that I should rule it.”
“Rule another world? Hold on, is that why you wanted to meet lord Xell? Err, but my lord what of the human world that we have easy access to? Wouldn’t that be a better choice? It would be easy for you alone to eliminate all those humans in a matter of days…”
“You forget the sun Blanc, their sun is like a cancer to us, but this Makai I’m speaking of is complete darkness, add to that it has a more stronger land than the one we have here.”
"…but what do you need lord Xell for? Are the inhabitants of that Makai far more powerful then you?"
“I’m not sure myself Blanc, but it is best to be safe then to be sorry as you know.”
“So let me get this straight- you want to meet lord Xell & convince him to hold a campaign to out-throw the rulers of this other Makai…”
“Ruler, Blanc, not rulers- you see the chapter also states that the inhabitants of this other Makai would choose a new ruler (whom they title ‘Lord’) every 100,000 years & this Lord would have control over all of that Makai- it’s armies, polictics, etc. …and continuing from what you said, I will out-throw this Lord & bring some of the worthy Makains here to that other Makai & I would rule a world far more balanced than this torn-apart world we’re living in. Of course for that I would need Lord Xell’s armies to out-throw the current lord.”
"…So that’s what you’ve been doing locking yourself up in your study & spending your time at the library as well when you’re in the castle. I must say I am shocked to hear such an ingeniuous plan my lord that I can’t find a way to tell you how…“
A thundering sound had suddenly echoed through the Dohma Castle as if a thunderbolt had shocked next to one’s ear.
“You could tell if this is a mad-house I am living in…I forgot that it is that idiotic zombie’s passtime now…Must he play THAT loud?!” shouted Jedah
Blanc raised his voice as loud as he can, but it was still hard to talk with Zabel’s deafing music.
“Then why don’t you do something about sire?!”
“You never see me around when it’s his passtime do you?! I’m usually out seeing some of the lords & nobles!”
”…and leave me to indure this madness?!"
"…and why would you want to come?! Bah I’ve had enough of this! ZABEL!!!"
Zabel shrieked in fear & had made the some annoying noise as he always does when running down the stairs.
“Yes…sire…what…is…it?” said Zabel as he tries to catch his breath.
“Do me a favour & ask Alison, the chef, what he needs to prepare my feast with Lord Xell & get him anything he needs…and take your time with it!”
“Yes…sir…as you say sir…”, and Zabel ran towards the kitchen to do his msater’s bidding.
“Well things will be a lot more quieter for a while” said Jedah in a relaxed voice.