A fancy mag inf

Will not sure if any one found this out but i know that this infinite is bad ass.

launch sj.hk, addf, sj.lk, sj.lk, then rom, dash behind oppent,

hk+forward one hit only then rom, dash behind hk+forward, then

rom repeat (dash behind oppent, hk+forward one hit only then

rom, dash behind hk+forward, then rom)

this mag infinite connect.

this inf can work on XvsS also

hate on bitch

Dash BEHIND? Are you sure that connects, and not resets?

I’m Ron Burgandy?

it doesnt connect even if your the fastest person in the world… hahahaha… jus bored… :lol: :lol: :lol:

trust me it connect
first u got to remember that when doing the rom infinite u got to put the oppen body very low. Then dash forward behind the oppen. when behind your oppent Press forward + hk. When the first kick hit sj rom repeat

it work and its hella tight.

Maybe dj-b13 or magnetro 2000 can perform the infinite in their next mvc2 vid

ok… im gonna try that one out… i think its gonna be cool looking! but sometimes im having a hard time HK then cancel to SJ… have to practice the timing again! :cool: :cool:

I think he means the “merry-go-round” infinite, where it’s essentially the ROM except you end up on the other side by going OVER them on the ad d/f and can still combo. It should be in Commy’s first combo video I think.

Edit: Nevermind what I just said, didn’t read the post carefully. Merry-go-round ROM works too though.

I thought he meant doing rom landing dashing to other side hk xx sj. air dash down rom land dash hk or something if that is the case then yes, that works, though you cant use lp then hk, the lp sends them too far, maybe will connect but you wont be able to combo after one rep cuz it will be too far (lp,hk)

EDIT* I thought you said lp somewhere in there but yes, it does work, you just have to be really fast, maybe joo can do it on his damn programmble stick, oh wait ben has one, but EKIN is the only one who does these kinds of things on actual sticks… may I remind people of hk add s.lp… Anyways I’ll try it sometime

i cant do it =[ wtf does it really work =[

sounds pretty smooth but I can’t get it either

It does work ekin try doing it. It work for me and i’m sure that mag2000 got it also. So try doing the infinite. It hella tight but very hard to perform.
I could only do about 3 reps of dash behind hk hit one time then sj rom dash behind.
Still trying to master it and use it on causual play

read my other pose for more info on performing it

DAmn its so hard to do man… cant connect it coz when i dash to the other side i tend to overdash… hahaha lolz…:lol:

BS If you practice you will be able too, for now my mas is dying but its not impossible.

yup, haha, if anything even remotely impossible, i look to mag2k or ekin. but that sounds like tight shit, haha, i can barely sj cancel the s.rh, so not trying this one, if someone does happen to capture this, i will host IMMEDIATELY as that would be some sick shit to see

Remember when u dash behind ur oppent. U then press forward plus hk

i saw wong do that in a vid … i tried it and only connects 50% on regular size characters and connects all the time on sent, but if your gonna do that mine as well just go for the reset

can any1 post that first commy vid with this rom or the j-wong doing it?

hey it does work but can’t get the hk cancel into rom.
Practice make perfect