A Favour - Trials & Custom Combo's

A certain someone in the community (You know who you are :cool:) asked on my channel if I had ever tried Balrog’s SUPER Trials in Vanilla SF4.

I never even thought of it, myself, and I presume a lot if not all of them can be done regardless of any changes in SUPER seeing as Balrog was largely left untouched between the two games.

I’m wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough to list his Trials - I could look them up on YouTube but figured I’d post here in the event it warranted any kind of discussion. I don’t think there’s much to talk about though, other than… Hurry up and release SUPER on the PC please, Capcom :shake:

I found the trial mode fun once I learned them all and felt confident in my execution enough to redo all the trials with custom touches as seen in an old movie of mine.


Didn’t go out of my way to be fancy and some aren’t true extensions but I’m still really proud of some of them, especially the hard trials/end ones.

Apart from SUPER Trials and said Custom Trials, maybe members of the community could cook up some nasty combo’s for me to put into the grinder and practice with. It’s tiring logging on to SF4 GFWL and 4/5 games being 1-2 bar people who seem to like joining ArcReq, resetting my Arcade CPU progress, then instantly leaving, or typical SRK mashers wasting my time - I’d like to think of new things to experiment with when I want a dose of Balrog without above grievences… I’ve done everything from custom combo’s to make comedy movies, I’m running low on ideas :wink:

It’s mostly the same as Vanilla. Note that when a standing normal is called for the trial doesn’t say whether it has to be close or far, but I’m sure you know which one it will have to be when you look at the combo.

  1. Straight
  2. Low Straight
  3. Headbutt
  4. Super
  5. U1
  6. U2
  7. Jab, RH
  8. Jab, Low RH
  9. Low Jab, Fwd
  10. Low Jab, Straight
  11. Low Short, Upper
  12. Low Strong, Low Straight
  13. Low Fwd, Super
  14. Low Jab, Fwd, Smash
  15. Jump in Fierce, Low Strong, Smash
  16. Focus, Upper, Super
  17. Jump in RH, Fwd, Straight, Super
  18. Low Jab, Short, Jab, Jab, Straight
  19. HB, Super
  20. Focus, Low Fwd, Low Short, Fierce HB
  21. Low Fwd, Jab, Low Strong, Super
  22. Jump in Fierce, Low Jab, Low Jab, Jab, Low Strong, Straight, Super
  23. Low Jab, Low Jab, EX Upper, Low Jab, Low Short, Fierce HB, U1
  24. Jump in RH, RH, Low Short, EX Upper, Low Jab, Low Short, Fierce HB, U1

Thanks Xaaz, appreciate the effort - I do remember seeing a vid somewhere of it quite a long time ago but didn’t see it again. I know a lot are similar but I was hoping there’d be the odd one that was fresh/different.

Any of your own custom combos or tricky ones you’d recommend, yourself?

Sorry bud, but I don’t have any suggestions that you don’t already know (your Vanilla Rog combo knowledge is probably equal to or greater than mine by now) or anything new to bring to the Rog table. Technically speaking though, his frame data is essentially unchanged from Vanilla, so I doubt there’s much more that can be squeezed out of him combo-wise. To be fair though, I don’t main Rog anymore and haven’t played him seriously in a while, so even if there is some shiny new combo science going on with him I’m not the one that would find it. Maybe somebody else that knows more will chime in.

he’s the same lol.

I swear it seems like Balrog’s brass knuckles on the alternate 2 costume gives him extra range. :wink:

I know he’s the same - I was just hopeful that maybe, just maybe, Capcom may have injected some relatively decent/new combo-trials to experiment with but it’d seem they’re almost the same as the original, which sucks.

Thanks anyway Xaaz, shame to see you’ve left Boxer on the sidelines - So, SUPER & Vanilla Trials won’t cut it alone - Got to see wether the community can cook up some fancy combo’s for the learners or advanced to test their execution with!

Any suggestions?

Rog was a lot of fun during the time I played him. He’s a great character with a lot going on for him, but he just got boring for me after a while. I’m a fan of VS style games. I love really long combos that are both varied in execution and useful in numerous situations all across the stage, excessive mixups (high/low/mid, left/right, throw/reset, etc, etc), and exceptional mobility. I wasn’t getting any of that with Rog. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying Rog is some brain dead character that can be played with your eyes closed like so many people seem to think. In the time I spent playing him and dissecting his mechanics I learned that he is very complex in his own way and, just like any character, it takes a high degree of skill to use him well. He’s just not complex enough in the way that I want, is all.

Anyway, if you want to just build eye candy combos for the hell of it, without any regard for efficiency and practicality, the fanciest and hardest parts of his game that you could play around with are probably his 1 frame links and his focus cancels. As you know, his focus cancels don’t get much use because he doesn’t get much out of them, but they might serve your purposes in this regard, like canceling out of an upper into a jab chain into a linked ultra1, or canceling out of a dsb into an fa2 crumple and then going to town off that. If you mix and match those various links and focus cancels you could probably come up with something insanely complex, very impractical, and absurdly difficult to execute, but it would probably look cool as hell. Food for thought.

Aye I gave it a shot in the past - Nothing too extreme as my cancels are often just a tad too slow rendering success rate to 50/50 - I could blame the awkwardness of Keyboard but I’m not sad enough to regard it as a handicap like I did on the first week of SF4 - I know I can do them, just needs practice.

The DSB Cancel FA2 into X is something I love messing with, even used it in above movie for extending trial combos for one or the other, still looks cool as not many do it.

Well I can accept that if I do do anything it has to be from my own imagination/execution - I just enjoy the odd day where I don’t feel up for a match but want to take Balrog to the Training Stage and throw practice punches to brush up on my execution a bit so was hopeful of something new but alas!

Either way, thanks all for the responses, really appreciated!