A few Adon combo questions

I need help to understand some stuff I saw Gamerbee do that I havent figured out yet.

  1. Which RJ’s are used to combo into RJ, fadc -> RJ?

  2. Do you always use the same RJ in combos?

  3. cl.HP -> cr.lk -> RJ - Does it work, and which RJ should I use?

  4. Can you, and if so, what can you combo into after J.JK / JT?

Before people hop in this thread and tell you to look it up.

  1. light Rising Jaguars the move more horizontal.

  2. yes

  3. On counter hit cl.hp -> cr.lp -> RJ works. Light RJ of course

  4. I believe cr.mp works into RJ other wise cr.lp - light.rj… You cant combo off of JK unless you catch them in the air, then RJ works.

Thanks man

Try not to use RJ too much though JK is a much better tool even in combo’s.

And as for your first question you can use any RJ to do the RJ-FADC-RJ combo.

And im pretty sure you can combo into cr.mp -> cr.lk -> rj -> fadc -> U2 after a iajk it works online atleast :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Light or heavy, pause, mk rj(practice the timing to get both hits, rh will whiff and short will get you one hit).

  2. no, hk rj does more damage, i use it whenever i can(though basic combos will usually end in lk). ex: whiffed dp, walk forward clshp xx hkrj.

  3. yes it works, do lk rj(doing just shp xx hk rj only does 6 more damage).

  4. Combos for AJK are pretty loose but I would recommend sticking to linking sweep off of rhAJK, or if you just want damage, clp/cmp/clk xx lk rj off of any. the only time you’ll be comboing after jt(most likely anyways) is after a roundhouse jt into jab xx lkrj OR if you get lucky by some bs and do ex while they’re in the corner, you can do ultra 2.

Typically you want to hit with medium RJ first, because for whatever reason, the first hit of that version does more damage than the heavy version. However, the heavy version does more damage with both hits than the medium does with both hits. So you want medium RJ, FADC, heavy RJ.

Not at all. For Adon’s bread and butter combos, you want to use the light version, because it reaches further horizontally. In some situations, you might want to just do s.HP -> RJ, where the heavy version does the most damage. And of course, in any FADC combo, you’d rather it be the medium version.

I’ve never seen cr.lk connect after cl.HP, but c.lp will work. I’m not sure which RJs will reach at that point. Maybe a medium, but definitely not heavy. Bear in mind that if you’re good at tight links you can also do cs.HP, c.LP, c.MP, HP super.

Midair JK, like any jump-in, depends on how deep you hit. You can at least connect with c.MP, which sets up a menagerie of Adon’s followups (such RJ FADC into Ultra2). JT is very limited. If you hit someone in the air (hard to do) you put them in a juggle state. If you get a counter-hit on the ground, you can follow up with a bread and butter combo, but the likelihood of this is minimal.

I want to expand on some of the stuff people missed.

  1. If you want to maximize your damage potential of RJ, FADC, RJ then you should be using mk RJ FADC (hold foward half a second) mk RJ. That will do the most damage. mk RJ FADC cl.hk will do about 30 less damage. If you use HK RJ after the FADC it will only juggle for 1 hit which makes it do very little damage. And I won’t recommend lk/hk RJ for the first hit because they do less damage and lk version sometimes will be airborne when it hits so you can’t FADC it.

  2. Yes, I always use the same RJ which is MK RJ. J.hp/hk/mk, c.jab/c.short, c.jab, MK RJ. Reason is to maximize the damage but there are occasions where you would want to use lk RJ like c.jab, c.jab, c.mp, lk RJ since the other RJs will whiff. Or when you want get a chance to cl.hp > rh RJ, I think that combo is the best possible punish.

  3. cl.HP can only link with c.lp since c.lp comes out in 3 frame while c.lk is 5 frame. But cl.hp will link with c.lk if it is a counter hit. But this combo is not very good because it does less damage than just cl.hp to RJ.

  4. After a J.JK or JT, your best bet to connect with something is c.lp because it’s a 3 frame move, his fastest. If you get a counter hit or a very low J.JK you can try c.mp.