A few DC MVC2 Questions

My house has 5 mad keen MVC players we have just achieved the dreamcast version of MVC2 (We hate the controllers like poisen is there an easy way to hack the controllers to snes pads or soemthing?)

Anyway I use a combination of Akuma Ryu and Captain Comando.
And everyone tells me they are all cheap WTF not being experianced is this true ?

I pretty much molest everyone to with Cap with some keap away. And a few combos his standard play style. We play on highest damage because there is 3 players waiting so the games only last about 20 seconds.
Until that is someone goes the cable iceman sentinel combo and beats me by chipping me to death.

Does anyone know of a good writeup NON Gamefaqs on Captain Comando for MVC2 so I can beat this team that I think is cheap ?

And are there any solid tips for these 3 characters.

Note I only just figured out holding down L+R and releasing after a non blocked hit instantly does THC. we are new to the game but have reached level 96 in 30 hours of play.

Wrong forum. Go to MVC2 forum.