A few execution/combo questions


For C.Viper’s Seismo spam:
I can do it on UMVC3 on pad and stick using DP motion then UF, I used to be able to do it on pad (poorly) in SF4 with pad, but when I switched to stick I could only do it on UMVC3 but transition the same technique to SF4 did not work. I use DP to UF with stick and it only works in UMVC3, to summarize.

Guile UDK --> Flash Kick:
Do I lose the charge I need for flash kick when I press forward for UDK?

Juri c.LK :
Does it link into anything so I can confirm with it?

Can Cammy TK anything other than her EX CS?

  1. C.viper’s seismo spam works the same, you’ll just need to adjust your timing, since the motions require different timing on pad and stick. Plus, it’s most likely an issue with lack of familiarity and practice with an arcade stick.

  2. What the heck is UDK? If you mean his df.HK ~ Flash kick, then no, you don’t lost charge, as long as you were charging before.

  3. It links into cr.LK x EX pinwheel. You have to delay the last cr.lk in order to prevent it from chaining so that you can link it. You can’t special cancel a chained attack.

  4. No. You can only do TK inputs for 1) moves that actually use TK motions, 2) moves that you can jump cancel, or 3) moves that activate instantly in the air with minimal height restrictions.


UDK is upside down kick (f+HK up close)


It’s possible, but requires fast hands and strict timing.

You basically go to df the second you hit the UDK, and you have to cancel the later frames of cr.mp into flash.