A few "How To"s in the beta

This is my first beta that I was involved in and I had a few questions on how to get some things done. For starters, is there a way to be in training mode without having fight requests randomly appear? I want to spend some time in the training mode before I go out and fight.

Second, is there way to play a specific player? How would I do that if the person is on PC and I’m on PS4? And lastly, is there a way to have local 2 player/training mode? Thanks.

You won’t get requests while you’re recording so choose your character as P2 and go into recording mode. You’ll have to reenter it every 100s, though.

That doesn’t seem like a viable solution if I have to restart every minute and a half. Is that really the only way?

Same here. I’m starting this game today and a lot of doubts show up.

I’ve been playing sf4 since the launch, and I’m trying to do the same commands, which means I’m dropping combos whole time. Even crush attacks I can’t do properly. Hope someday master this game.

There’s no option to turn off fight requests, however as stated above, fight search is paused while you are recording dummy movement. There IS an option in the menu to turn off fight requests, however it seems to be disabled for the beta so don’t worry about mandatory fight requests carrying over to launch. That said, I have been in training for 2 hours straight now without a single match so I don’t know if capcom has finished ironing out all the match making flaws or if there are just not enough people playing at the moment.

There is no option for offline versus and no option to play against a specific player online. Basically capcom doesn’t want people organizing their own tournaments or group events before the final release.

I haven’t tried in this beta, but in a previous beta I was able to play training vs a player controlled dummy when I had a 2nd controller to use.

If it’s just execution that’s bothering you, I had the same problem when starting SFV. It’s just a different combo system so lots of the things just feel different. Just give it some time in training and you’ll quickly get used to it. It’s much easier and simpler than SF4’s combo system.

I think the purpose of the beta is so they can iron out any hiccups in the netcode, which is why turning off fight request is disabled. In about two weeks we’ll be able to practice as much as we want without interruption.