A few issues with Seismo Hammer



I recently picked up C.Viper, shes probably my second favorite character in the game aside form Juri. I’m trying to learn her moves thoroughly and get used to the links but I’m having a little trouble with her Seismo Hammer. The first issue I’m having is canceling a low, medium, and fierce Seismo Hammer, I am able to cancel them when I have no meter, when when I do have meter the only way to cancel it is threw EX Seismo Hammer which when I cancel I lose a bar of meter, I’ve seen videos of Viper players canceling non EX Seismo Hammers, while having meter without losing any, I’m just a little confused how to do this.

The second issue I’m having is doing a Seismo Hammer continuously, I’ve seen matches where Viper continuously pounds on the ground using Seismo doing like 4 Seismo Hammers in three and a half seconds. I’ve seen it done I’m just not sure how do to this. If anyone can tell me how this is done, that would be great and would help me continue on my road of learning Viper. (I play on Stick btw)

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s all SJC’d meaning your Super Jump Cancelling your special. Multiple siesmo’s can be done by the motion :r: :d: :df: :uf: , same with every other special.


Ahh I see now, thank you very much!! :slight_smile:


While we’re on the topic of SJC’ing, how exactly does cancelling a normal into sjc ultra work? It’s pretty much the only thing I can’t consistently with her and it really bugs me. Like s.lk s.lk c.mp sjc ultra, it there enough time to actually hitconfirm AFTER hitting the c.mp? I feel like I need to input my shit like a maniac and if for some reason I miss my s.lk c.mp link I’ll get a blocked ultra, or a ex seismo…tricky stuff.


For doing SJC Ultra from her bnb I do :lk:, :lk:, :d::df::mp::r::qcf::uf::3p:
You would have to do it pretty fast if your just gonna do the whole thing after the :mp: and make sure to hit :3p: after you do :uf: otherwise you’ll get seismo you also cant do the motion to fast or you’ll get super and if you do it to slow you don’t SJ and you’ll seismo, you just have to get the feeling for how fast you need to do it.