A few misc. execution questions

First is about Hugo and walk-up 720s.
I understand the “proper” way to input this is :hcb: :uf: :hcb: :uf: + :p: or the reverse of it. Somebody told me to try the “flick” method, so I looked that up… How the hell does one control that? I focused on precise timing for it, and I’d get mostly jumps from it, or the occasional 360. I got a 720 maybe twice in half an hour. So my question is: Is that an alternative way to doing a walk-up 720 consistently and I’m just doing it wrong, or is the input method mention above the only way to do it?

Second is about charge partitioning with Remy.
About 1/10th of the times I go for it, I get his machine guns out, but I think I’d get it more if I understood it. Can somebody break this down for me, including frames so that perhaps I can understand it better? I also read somewhere that you MUST start with a punch LoV first? What’s the exact number of frames required to charge and get that partition in?
Here’s an ugly match, but this was when I was just trying to learn the machine guns, and I wasn’t trying to win as much as just get that technique down.
You can see I get it once, and then I just keep repeatedly fucking it up.

Last question is regarding my main, Akuma. I don’t understand at all how to get the “Kuroda Cyclone” down. I’ve tried getting it, and I think I’ve gotten it maybe a dozen times since I first learned of the combo. My execution isn’t bad, considering that and the Jiro Demon are the only things I can’t do consistently. But maybe if I read a breakdown of it, I can execute it better than just watching videos.

Thank you.

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Cool story. Wouldn’t have just been easier to answer the questions?

love machinegun is buffering not partition. or well its both i guess really.

the trick is to wait just a moment after you get to back before pressing punch or kick. theres really no specific way to start it but i think its easiest from a roundhouse lov. the reason? longest startup and recovery of any lov. so that gives you a few more frames of charge time for your next lov.

some people can only really get it going after 3 lovs starting from a roundhouse lov. but honestly you can do it with any lov starting from the second lov onwards.

so you do, <-©-> <-…k, then do that with a p, and so on. the slightly pause is the most important part. because once you do the first lov, you’ll be desyncing the timing of all of them to the point where youll be moving the stick and hitting punch/kick completely out of sync.

just keep trying.

walk up 720 is just pure technical skill. theres no trick.

Thank you sir.

Also, as for the Kuroda Cyclone, after I made this thread, I actually figured it out… Didn’t realize that the first hit of the second spin kick needs to be the knee, not the kick.

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To be fair, it’s not like the 3S section gets a lot of activity. One thread won’t hurt.