A few n00bie questions about EVO

As someone completely new to this whole tourney scene, I have a few embarrassing questions I’m hoping one of you can answer:

1)How many EVO Tourneys have Daigo won?

2)What happened to this Ricky Ortez guy and why didn’t he enter the tourney this year?

3)Who is Mike Ross and why is he so famous? What has he won?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Not yet bro :frowning:

All of the Evolution results can be found on wikipedia. Fun Fact: Justin Wong actually placed very highly, if not won an EVO Tekken tourney.

Ricky O probably got taken out early in the tournament. He didn’t NOT enter. Over 1500 players entered, and not every high level player can be shown on stream before they’re taken out.

As far as Mike “I Believe” Ross goes, watch

http://www.youtube.com/user/crosscountertv?blend=6&ob=5 (Cross Counter: Gootecks’s and Ross’s Street Fighter show.)
http://www.g4tv.com/videos/54396/focus-a-g4-films-presentation/ (Focus: A Documentary)

Ricky lost in ae to the jap sagat player and then the pr ray ( I was right there he was using my stick…both of em :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol ) . He got like 70th place, idk if he entered mvc.

And mike ross got top 8 last year and while he plays people shouted " I believe in you " hence I believe in mike ross. He’s the best honda also.

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WOW!!! You guys rock! Can’t tell how surprised I am at the replies. The questions were actually answered in a mature and sensible fashion, and in not a “Dammit why are you such an IDIOT! Everyone on this forum knows the answers to these questions cause we’re ELITE and you’re just a scrub who doesn’t know shit about the fighting game community! Go kill yourself NAAAOOOO!!!” sort of way! 'Preciate it guys. There is hope for the Shoryuken forums yet! :slight_smile: