A few noobish T5 stick questions

Ok, just bought two Tekken 5 Hori arcade sticks 'cause they were super cheap at the EB near me, 30 bucks. I don’t want to go the full nine yards and completely replace all the hori parts with sanwa for time / money reasons so I have a few questions about Hori / Sanwa compatibility.

If I buy a Sanwa bat top and a Sanwa octagon restrictor plate will they fit and work with the hori stick? Thanks in advance if anyone knows.

Edit: Oh, and I’ve heard that you can “shave down” the start and select buttons so you don’t hit them during mashing, does anyone know if this is feasable? Can I do this mod without desoldering anything? Thanks again.

  1. The bat top will fit on the stock Hori stick, but the restrictor plate will not. You will have to mod it with an actual Sanwa stick if you want to use the octagon plate.

  2. I believe you can remove the plunger from the button without desoldering the buttons from the pcb. It’s going to be a tight squeeze (you need to squeeze the plunger sides to remove it), but it’s possible.

Good luck.