A few problems (wireless 360)


I soldered my PCB all up but have some problems…

Firstly something strange is going on with the guide button. (The controller automatically turns on) Not only that, if I press the guide button to bring up the guide, it acts as if I’m holding it in. (I get the “turn off controller/system” menu) I can’t get i to bring up the guide.

Also, three of my directions aren’t working (Solder job looks good, but must not be…?)

Any other solder points for Left, Right, and Down (and possibly guide if screwed up) other then the obvious?

This is an original wireless controller…

Thanks in advance.


First off, you need a multimeter.
Check to make sure your soldering objectives were met by checking to confirm there is no bridge between ground and any of your signals.

Next, make sure you actually have a connection to the signal you want to capture. Like your directionals, those can be hard to get a connection on the wireless pad. Put one lead of the multimeter on the actual wire you’ve soldered to the pad, and run the other lead across the legs of the internal controller chip on the back of the pad. (it’s a flat black square with legs on all four sides.) It should create a connection with at least one leg. If you don’t get a clean connection with at least one leg on the IC, your soldering wasn’t successful.

These are really the only things you need to run through for troubleshooting.