A few questions about an Astro City cab


Just bought an Astro City cabinet w/SF2 CE installed and I’m new at owning/caring for arcade equipment. I need a few things before I can get it into playing shape:

  • a kick harness for 6 button SF games.
  • a new control panel for two players. The current one is set up for single player.

For the kick harness, I’ve seen these sold as CPS1 and CPS2 varieties. Is there any difference? And how much do these typically go for? Do I need one for each input (1st and 2nd player)?

For the control panel, can anyone point me in the right direction on where I can find one of these for sale? And how much do these typically go for?


hey man
first off get a CPS1 kick harness for the game you have. If you want to play any SF games from New Challengers through third strike you will need a CPS2/3 kick harness (which are the same thing). I wouldnt pay more then 15.00 for one so just look on ebay and see what you can find. As well, there is only one connector for both players sides. No need to buy 2 of them.

As for getting a replacement panel, shouldnt be too hard. Astro cities are fairly common and so are the parts for them. My advice would be to just scour various forums for a local (US) one. Or, try these sites…
http://www.excellentcom.net/parts.htm (scroll down)

theres another company called riverservice in Japan who fabricates their own panels but I cant seem to find the site right now.

Good luck and post those pics man.

Most definitely will post pics as soon as I have it up and playable.

I have a follow up question: if I want to install and play other > 3 button games (Tekken, KI, GG, etc), will I need to get separate harnesses for those as well or will the kick harness cover those games?

Thanks for the info!

as long as they are 3 button games you wont need another connector. Actually you can add even a 4th button and chances are the JST connectors on the inside of your control panel already have a 4th button wired in to the main block off of the Jamma loom. From there you simply would have to run a lead wire from the appropriate connector to the 4th button. You could then connect and disconnect this one based on what you wanted to play. I dont play tekken and KI but I do not think they use any kind of kick harness, just Jamma standard only.

As for GG which runs on the atomiswave, it definitely does not need a kick harness, but again, you will probably have to wire up the 4th and 5th buttons yourself.

Probably seems pretty confusing but feel free to PM me some pics and I will show you what Im talking about.


Yeah, I was told that I have the option of adding a fourth button so I guess I’m good for Tekken games and whatnot. Regardless, I ordered a CPS1 and CPS2 kick harness and I’m just waiting on delivery so I can get to work on it. The cab is not currently at my house so no pics possible yet.

One more question: besides ebay and Craigslist and such, where do you think I can find a decent deal on some older arcade boards (pre-CPS3 and Naomi mostly)? Some of the prices out there seem a bit ridicuouls for 10+ year games and I’m trying to shop smarter than that.

Thanks for your help!

Tekken ahs the punch buttons as button 1 and 2 on the jamma harness for both players and kick from a seperate kick harness that comes off of another connector on the motherboard.

TTT has the punches AND tag on the jamma.

edit: yeah, confirmed it with the manuals from T3(which showed the punches were on the jamma harness, kicks were on kick), and TTT, which showed tag was on the jamma harness.

Edit again: I’d scour neo-geo.com’s selling forums(have to have 100ish posts before you can hit it though), the Shmups forum(http://shmups.system11.org/forum/index.php), the selling section here, and the build your own arcade controls forums(another source of great info too! here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php)

one last edit: youc an get arcade manuals at crazykong.com! As well as more info.

I buy nearly all my games directly out of Japan. Most US forums/shops suffers from massive overpricing, though I guess it helps when I myself have stuff for sale… :razzy:

Our baby:


I think we ended up spending more on the new control panel than on the cab itself…

Regardless, big thanks to Taiki for all of his help locally in getting the cab in the first place. If anyone sees any good deals on boards, I’m all ears. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

It’s so beautiful =~

How were you able to get this thing O_O Its so sexy

Do you mind if I ask how much you spent on the cab?

Actually, I’d rather not disclose the amount since I seriously doubt most people would be able to find one anywhere close to how much this one was purchased for. I lucked out in a big way here. Let’s just say that the new control panel we installed cost us more than what was paid for the cab itself and I’ll leave it at that. :tup:

nice one and congrats man

I love Astro City cabs :slight_smile:

I got one for $23 two years ago… lololol.

No problem man, congrats and enjoy!

Pretty cool. Too bad you are the owner. :frowning:

For those wanting a hi-res file of the atomiswave panel overlay, see there: