A few questions about Art's Hobbies

I’m planning on purchasing replacement art for a 360 Madcatz TE-S from Art’s Hobbies and I have a few quick questions.

First, is this the correct size replacement art? I noticed they had a few different ones for the TE.

Second, does the art come with an adhesive backside, or will I have to apply that myself?

And finally, does anyone have any suggestions for cool replacement art? I’m going to be using a Seimitsu LB-39 Green bubble top and translucent green Sanwa 30mm buttons. I’ve been looking for a nice looking black replacement art, but haven’t been able to find anything. Was thinking about just using plain black.



No adhesive.
The art is sandwich between Metal Control Panel and Acrylic Panel.
The art is secured from any movement by the install of Buttons and screws.

This would have been cooler in Thread of arthong.

Thanks for the response.

Didn’t realize they had a thread already. If a mod wants to delete this to reduce clutter that’s fine.