A few questions about Cammy

So, Cammy and Zangief are my mains. I started using Cammy fairly recently, and I love her rushdown style. But I have a few questions about her:

  1. I watch a lot of Cammy’s online and they use FADC to the fullest. Is the FADC essential for Cammy play? Because using Zangief, I never really felt I needed to learn it.

  2. I am having extreme difficulty with the TK Cannon Strike. I know the command.:qcb::uf::k: But as I go through neutral with my joystick(I use a controller btw) I always end up jumping. I can easily do the EX version because all you have to do is :qcb::ub::2k:. So I can do this pretty consistently. Is there an easier way to do the normal version? I can do it 4/10 times on practice, but online? :rolleyes:

That’s it. I’ve been lurking a little bit, so forgive me if the answers are simple. There’s a lot of stuff to look through. Thanks.

I’m not the greatest Cammy player myself, but it really seems to me like CS>FADC>CS and CS>FADCb>Ultra are pretty important parts of her game.

About the TK Cannon Strike, when the jump comes out are you jumping forward or back? I use a stick, and I go through up, but as long as it’s fast enough, it seems to work fine. If you’re jumping back, I think you just need to keep practicing it.

But like I said, I’m not very good, so if anyone tells you anything different, go by their advice :bgrin:

CS>FADC>CS is very important to playing Cammy and CS>FADCb> is about the only reliable method for landing the ultra outside of just randomly getting an attack. I believe FADC is very important to her. I am trying to implement it more in my play but I still have a few surprise execution glitches that I have to fix before I really start thinking about good places to implement it.

In the end I think learning how to implement FADC into your playstyle will help your Cammy.

Like everyone else said learning FADC for cammy is very very important:
*Canon spike fadc canon spike
*Canon spike fadcb ultra
*fadc after a blocked heavy spiral arrow

Since u main zanglief maybe u can try to do a 270 motion for tk canon strike

Thanks for the advice guys. I really do appreciate it. And ditn, that is a good idea. I never even thought about doing that. Brilliant.

FADC is essential to her play. There’s not a round where I don’t need to FADC in some manner.

FADCb is not the only reliable way to land ultra…there’s plenty of setups…for example:

EX TK CS -> Ultra
J.HK -> Ultra
plain ol focus crumple -> Ultra

or you can bait fireballs and slide right under them to punish!

Alright, cool. Thanks for that. And by the way, after only about thirty minutes of practicing, I’m able to do the Cannon Spike->FADC->Cannon Spike about 5/10 times!!

On a related note, I think that Cammy is the one player where FADC is actually required in order to perform decently. Though of course it’s very important for some other characters (e.g. ryu), but unlike Cammy…they can still win without using it. For Cammy to win a match without any sort of FADC against a decent player must be quite uncommon. Just my opinion.