A Few Questions about HSF2?


I have 2 questions and hopefully someone can help answer them but before that your probably wondering why start a new HSF2 thread, Well for one the other seem dead or have no response and 2 none of them go into great detail about 1 certain mode I plan on talking about, However if this is for some reason unacceptable then you may move this thread or combined it with another thread. But anyway on to the questions… .

1.) Does anyone still play this game currently online? (Fightcade more specifically) - Just asking because when ever I visit the room it’s always for the most part empty except for when Ko-Rai is in there. I know more people favor CE & ST then they do this game but I still think it’s a fun and very entertaining game. IMO the fact that different versions of characters can square off against one another is enjoyable for me already.

2.) I was wondering about the “Super” characters, Are any of them good or viable in this game? Which characters can compete? - The only reason I ask is because I play Super Ken and rarely do I see people play with Super characters (save for Biollante and his Super Chun). I was wondering why this was because I plan to play with a few more Super characters myself. Is Super the worst mode or something? I’ve heard that they can redizzy which is good imo so yes more info on this please.

If anyone can help me out with these question I’d be more than grateful. Thanks!

  1. HSF2 is dead. Most players simply preffer ST. The problem with HSF2 is that most people abuse the CE characters, which are very annoying to play against (unbalanced damage/dizzy/priority). HF still suffers from retarded damage and dizzy, but some priority flaws were fixed. If CE was banned, plus a few chars from WW, then HSF2 would be more enjoyable IMO. You can still try to ask in the ST room if someone want to go there and play that with you though.

  2. Some of the Super cahracters are actually good. But for most of them you’re better with the Old version (from ST) of the characters because some of them got better special cancellation window. (hold Start when choosing the ‘Super’ character type and then press a button. You’ll hear a different sound). The comparison between old and New characters( from ST) are all on the ST wiki so you can check these yourself. I for example preffer the Old Thawk because he has better normals (priority and damage, dizzy is the same).


Ohh I know about the Old versions of characters, Was just wondering if there was any good regular “Super” characters, Which of the regular Super characters are “actually good”, I’ve heard about Ken, Honda, Dhalsim, Sagat but that’s about it. Would you if you have time to be willing to further elaborate?

Also thank you once again for your response, Kinda hard to get one nowadays :smiley:


Anyone else wanna offer some answers? Is there any Super character better than their “Old” counterparts? Are there any good Super characters in general.


Don’t know much about Super SF2. Very few people do, it wasn’t really popular at any point during its life cycle.

As far as playing HSF2, you might get away with asking the ST people if they want to play. Some of them like playing HSF2 casually.


Who would you ban from WW? I would guess you would say Guile, but I don’t know if people realize how difficult it is to set up his jab redizzy, not to mention he’s the worst version of Guile. WW Gief’s short SPD landing is totally negated from not being able to move his lariat.


I was actually only thinking about guile, i just reread my post now and i have no idea why i used the word “few” on it.
And I agree with you: even though WW Gief’s SPD is completelly unbalanced, against a decent player you’ll basically never be allowed to land it, on most matchups at least.


WW Guile is the worst? Any who maybe you might be able to help, In your experience do feel that there is any Super character that is viable in competition?


Taken just by what WW Guile has (jab redizzy non-wtihstanding) he is the worst. All sonic booms have the same speed (IIRC) and he no reversal since he’s a WW character.

As far as Super SF2 characters… I don’t know of any reason to use them. Of course we don’t know for sure since no one has broken down their frame data, but by what we do know, Old ST characters recover from blockstun/hitstun one frame faster, some have one frame faster jump arcs, and some have waaaay better properties than their original Super counterpart (Sagat, Honda, others I guess).


Admittedly I play HSF2 everyday. I can’t let go of it for Pre-ST nostalgia. There are many words to describe this particular game despite the unbalanced tier opposed to ST. I FUCKING LOVE HYPER STREET FIGHTER 2.
I’m not an online player. I’m into traditional arcade/supergun set ups followed by Dreamcast and Cps2 ST.


Well I did here that Super characters have Redizzy’s and Old characters don’t. Also I have heard that “Super” = Ken, Honda, Dhalsim, Sagat & Vega were pretty good.

But in general how do you break down frame data. I’ll give an example below…

Turbo 0 Speed - Frames of Hadouken speed for Ryu

World Warrior - 14 - 39
Champion Edition - 11 - 39
Hyper Fighting - 11 - 39
Super - 11 - 39
SuperTurbo - 12 - 40

The post above was done by TrueSephiorth but my question is how was he able to find this out.

Maybe if I knew I would probably break down the “Super” characters frame data myself but until then I’m asking people here if they can name good viable “Super” characters and yet I get directed to the “Old” characters (Just wanna input here that in case this is sounding snobbish or rude . . . . I’m not trust me :smile: ) But I wanted to know about Super specific characters. I appreciate the help and suggestions to use the Old characters but at the same time if I wanted to know about the Old character I would have asked. Man I feel like I’m gonna get a mixed reaction based off this but it’s worth asking and explaining so if you can help me out with these few more questions or have any suggestion I would appreciated it thanks.

By the way you by any chance play this on Fightcade? Would love to play a few sometime.


Well if you play it alot maybe you can give insight on some of the good viable “Super” characters. Which ones are viable for competition in your opinion. I keep asking people cause I know there has to be at least 2 or 3 with 5 being the most?



I usually check the HFS2 room every time I’m on fightcade but find no one active in there. I’d totally be down for some matches.


Cool is your user name the same on Fightcade?


It’s “x64”. If you see me in the ST room, just remind me and we’ll play some HFS2.


What are some basic settings to set up fightcade (latency, vsync, speed # etc)?


HSF2 was hot during the XBOX Live days. It was even featured at EVO 2006 (which I played in)


Man I’m sorry, online fighting isn’t for me. very un-precise timing. I had moments versing players from JP and Europe with a similar downspeed to mines at 54mbps and it was a slightly smoother experience than domestic ones.
I suppose it is still fun for road trips, casual gaming, and the sorts with my laptop/desktops. However, I feel this isn’t orthodox enough.

I will swing by fightcade from time to time.


[quote=“Jion_Wansu, post:17, topic:175997”]

HSF2 was hot during the XBOX Live days. It was even featured at EVO 2006 (which I played in)[/quote

Yeah I’ve seen you on fightcade, You Beat Ko-Rai with O.Bison, Do you use him specifically or are you well rounded with all the modes?