A Few Questions about HSF2?


It’s “x64”. If you see me in the ST room, just remind me and we’ll play some HFS2.


What are some basic settings to set up fightcade (latency, vsync, speed # etc)?


HSF2 was hot during the XBOX Live days. It was even featured at EVO 2006 (which I played in)


Man I’m sorry, online fighting isn’t for me. very un-precise timing. I had moments versing players from JP and Europe with a similar downspeed to mines at 54mbps and it was a slightly smoother experience than domestic ones.
I suppose it is still fun for road trips, casual gaming, and the sorts with my laptop/desktops. However, I feel this isn’t orthodox enough.

I will swing by fightcade from time to time.


[quote=“Jion_Wansu, post:17, topic:175997”]

HSF2 was hot during the XBOX Live days. It was even featured at EVO 2006 (which I played in)[/quote

Yeah I’ve seen you on fightcade, You Beat Ko-Rai with O.Bison, Do you use him specifically or are you well rounded with all the modes?




What are your thoughts on the “Super” characters, any of them you think are good?


Well guys I found some Super matches on Hsf2, Maybe we could learn more from this

Also in this vid Ko-Rai displays some great uses of the Super Characters . . .

challenge-9765-1439038399.13@hsf2 - This vid will only work I think if you have Fightcade


So I have been playing with “Super” Bison and so far I can say he is basically ST Bison but without the SUPER and his air juggle punches. Which I suppose already makes him worse than CE & ST. However the question is if he is worse than HF Bison?

To me I think it depends on preference. For one the charge on the scissor kicks is shorter in Super than it is in HF so you can probably put out more combos and such but on the other hand HF scissor kick even though it has a longer charge take up quite some damage and leaves your opponent staggered standing allowing for a HK or something for a dizzy/stun then follow up with throw or something so it all really depends.

I haven’t played O.Bison much which is why I haven’t stated anything on him yet.

As I have said I’m not an expert but just telling you guys what I have observed, But for people who have played it and are pro’s do you agree with my statement or am I off some where?


There are two S Bisons in AE: ST old Bison, and SSF2 Bison. You pick ST old characters by selecting “super” with start, rather than an attack button. Both have the same hitboxes, but SSF2 characters take one more frame to recover from attacks (on hit or block) and have less cancels. As for Bison, he should have several more cancels in ST old mode.


All attacks where the cancel field has a * will only work this way in ST, and as ST old mode in AE. In SSF2 and as SSF2 mode in AE, they cannot be canceled into specials.


I Knew how to pick the Old characters, I was just saying I didn’t try my hand on O.Bison yet was all. So based off of what your saying “Super” & “Old” characters are basically the same with one frame difference?

It seems I was right on everything else though, Although “Super” Bison has a few cancels like LK & LP cancels. I’ll have to try this out for myself.

I will return once I’ve tested Old & Super Bison some more as well as the other Super Characters.

UPDATE: So I did some test between Super & Old Bison and yes Old Bison is better because unlike Super Bison who can only cancel off of LP & LK Old Bison can cancel off of LP,MP,LK & MK. I haven’t tried HK but I know HP he can’t unless someone has done it and can prove m otherwise

So from Best to Worst Bison so far is as below

M.Bison/Vega: CE, ST, O.ST, S = HF

Anyone agree or disagree on this?


Also, you have SSF2 old mode as well. Highlight Super, hold the start button (don’t let go) then press the jab button. You will hear a different select soundwave just likt the ST old characters selection


Actually if you do that to Super you will get the ST Old characters, If you hold start on ST you get super stock storage where as if you hold start on SSF2 you get ST Old.


Yeah basically holding start on Super and ST gives you the original ST and ST old characters. So in reality HSF2 has 7 modes for each character.


Except there is 0% reason to use the default ST characters that we know of.


Zero reason to use Super Turbo characters?


The default ST characters (i.e. not holding start while selecting the ST characters). No one wants “stored super-less” Chun or Honda and possibly other nerfs. On the flip side, maybe they fixed N. Hawk’s stray hitbox on his crouching MP? I suppose Sim, Ken, and Sagat players would enjoy using their characters’ supers as a reversal too. I guess the default ST choice isn’t all bad.


He does have smaller hurtboxes on his normals though.


Why couldn’t they put a normal WW Guile in the game, with various heights of somersaults and various speeds of sonic booms.


He’d be an altered WW character then. I guess they did take away his magic handcuff glitch so there is precedent.