A Few Questions about HSF2?


Also, you have SSF2 old mode as well. Highlight Super, hold the start button (don’t let go) then press the jab button. You will hear a different select soundwave just likt the ST old characters selection


Actually if you do that to Super you will get the ST Old characters, If you hold start on ST you get super stock storage where as if you hold start on SSF2 you get ST Old.


Yeah basically holding start on Super and ST gives you the original ST and ST old characters. So in reality HSF2 has 7 modes for each character.


Except there is 0% reason to use the default ST characters that we know of.


Zero reason to use Super Turbo characters?


The default ST characters (i.e. not holding start while selecting the ST characters). No one wants “stored super-less” Chun or Honda and possibly other nerfs. On the flip side, maybe they fixed N. Hawk’s stray hitbox on his crouching MP? I suppose Sim, Ken, and Sagat players would enjoy using their characters’ supers as a reversal too. I guess the default ST choice isn’t all bad.


He does have smaller hurtboxes on his normals though.


Why couldn’t they put a normal WW Guile in the game, with various heights of somersaults and various speeds of sonic booms.


He’d be an altered WW character then. I guess they did take away his magic handcuff glitch so there is precedent.


Yeah, in some WW versions, Guile loses his glitches while still keeping the normal special moves and so forth


Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but I’m back. I’m working on doing my opinion on “Super” Honda & how he stacks to the other Honda’s like I did with Bison before above. In the mean time I will post some HSF2 vids of people using “Super” characters in case people want to observe and add there own personal notes in the discussion as well however you must have Fightcade in order to view these videos.

I will soon try and record some of my matches and see if I can post them to YouTube so that more can watch too but until then this will be all I can do.

challenge-9196-1453912447.27@hsf2 - TURBOWATCH (WW-Guile, CE-Vega) vs. Ko-Rai (SSF2 - Ken)

^ A good demonstration on how good some of the “Super” characters are. Some people even say that “Super” Ken is the best version but it is mostly known that it is either O.Ken, ST Ken or CE Ken but ehh until I get to Ken I’ll have to wait and see.

challenge-1853-1454691360.42@hsf2 - [1MDB] Chuan (SSF2-Bison, ST-Balrog, WW-Guile, etc…) vs ohmydeus (SSF2-T.Hawk, WW-Ken)

^ For this vid you can see The Bison & T.Hawk matches, Watch the rest if you want too.

challenge-2547-1455141731.26@hsf2 - 8Hellsing8 (SSF2-Ryu) vs. ACSL8R (SSF2-Ken)

^ A bunch of “Super” matches, Nuff Said

challenge-3716-1455121309.14@hsf2 - King Aures (SSF2-Ken) vs. ko-rai (WW-Zangief)

^ A “Super” Ken up against a destructive “World Warrior” Zangief. Ken actually wins one too.


This comment box if were I will update things as far as Honda goes in HSF2.

So far I’ve try to do WW vs CE and look for advantages and disadvantages for these playstyle/match-up and here is what I found.

**WW **vs. CE

CE = Stronger normals
CE = Moving Hands
CE = Better HP & LK Hugs
CE = Headbutts Knock down opponent
CE = Headbutts continue to other side of the screen if opponent jumps up to avoid or jumps over
CE = Easier execution for Thousand Hand Slap, LP,MP & HP are much easier to get out than WW LP one
**CE **= Takes less damage when trading hits with MK, Crouching HP

WW = Better Combo off normal to hands (Stuns the opponent and takes 80% Health)
**WW **= Better MP throw
**WW **= Headbutts Stagger opponent
**WW **= Headbutts stop at the area of opponent if opponent jumps up to avoid or jumps over
**WW **= Harder execution for Thousand Hand Slaps, LP alone is hard to get out
**WW **= Takes more damage when trading hits with MK, Crouching HP

This is it for now and so far it’s looking like CE is the better Honda. The only thing I see that WW has over CE is the MP throw and the combo into THS. A particular combo for WW is you knockdown an opponent just jump up in the air and on the way down Hit them with LP and when you land continue with LP Thousand Hands and that will not only stun them but take at least 80% life. CE can do this combo as well but it will only take out 70% life and does not stun.

Tell me what do you guys think. Am still not done so I may being missing a few things but in all is my analysis on WW Honda vs. CE Honda correct/good so far?


If u want some matches on HSF2 then im down just pm me or if u see me in CE or ST room let me know. I also play HF


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Cool you use any particular character in HSF2?


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I main Guile , and just to be fair ill use HF guile though he has horrible fireball recovery, still good vs ST claw or ST boxer which i really hate the most but CPS1 Guile will beat them


Just to clear things up with WW versions in HSF2. They are based on the last Japanese revision of WW (Japan 911210) and Guile did have one version of Flash Kick and Boom for all buttons. Somehow this is the glitchless version of WW that nobody played except in Japan.


Nice, this was unknown to me. How did you find this out?


It was mentioned years ago when HSF2 dropped on T.Akiba’s webpage’s discussion page.


I’ve found on Mame that the HSF2 speed seems a good bit faster than ST (X), both set to T4. Is that just an emulation glitch or was the game authored to be faster?


I think the game is faster than regular ST, as well as the fact that emulated SF2 roms run faster than original arcade hardware. Fortunately, in MAME, you can lower emulation speeds to match. I think the magic number was 96% or 97%.