A few questions about SF4 online

I got a few questions yo, hoping ya all can help me.

  1. Can I play console players from PC?
  2. Can I play the US version from Japan, and play US players, or is it only for each is own region?
  3. Can the Japanese version allow players to fight opponents in other regions?

Thanks a lot.

In the words of Chun-li

Yup yup yup!

Are you sure bro? I don’t want to waste my money if I can’t play people from USA, because there is a person who’s ass I am willing to pay just to kick.

You can play other regions than your own, obviously there will be a lag factor depending upon where they are in relation to you. However, Paper was wrong about being able to play console players on the PC. At least, with my copy I cannot play XBOX Live players, I can see them and I can message them but we cannot join a game together.

Oh… I was assuming he meant console characters

Like you can’t play Gill in 3s on GGPO because its an arcade emulator.

PC can only play VS PC

Awww fuck. Thanks guys.

I am almost tempted to buy a 360 just to kick some dudes ass.