A few questions about starting a local scene


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So, after listening to the latest SRK podcast I have decided now would probably be the best time to try to get a local community going in my area. We have never had anything like this before that I know of. So I’ve put together a flyer to try to alert people to my plans, and built a website to try to organize our future members. The questions I have are:

  • Ranbats, I talk about them on my flyer and site, so I guess I should know what they really are. My understanding is this: players compete in ranbats for points like every week or two. First place gets an arbitrary amount of points and everyone else gets less, the whole way down to last place. At the end of the season the person with the most points is the winner. Right? What is the purpose of ranbats? Are the ranking used to determine brackets for tournaments? If not what are they for?

  • Brackets, for a tournament how should brackets be created? I guess the two best players should be on opposite ends of the brackets right? I know in that podcast skisonic mentioned a post by one of the Cannon brothers about how to make proper brackets. Anyone know anything about that thread, or where it’s at?

  • Lastly if anyone would care to take a look at my site and tell me what they think, I would appreciate it. Keep in mind, that its just a lame freewebs site. So aside from the looks of it, if there is any criticism or suggestions please let me know.


  • how do ranbats work and what is their purpose?

  • how should I go about making good brackets for a tournament?

  • please look at my site and tell me if it sucks

website: http://www.cantonfightclub.webs.com

Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide. :tup:


Ranking battles are basically to establish who is the strongest player in your specific area.

However, before you even start with ranbats, I would suggest that you have a somewhat strong community. Start with weekly casuals first.


I agree. Before spending effort on Ranbats, figure out what your local playerbase is like in terms of numbers. The hardest thing is venue. You need to find a free venue to host casuals, and then make it a regular event to start building up that base. Search online, see who’s in your area, i’m sure there are numbers.


I argee that I don’t need to be doing ranbats right off the bat. I was just trying to do some homework so I would know how to run them and tournaments so in the future I would be prepared when the time comes. Thank you both for the quick responses though. I do have a public location where we can meet. It’s in the restaurant where I work. There is a private room that has power and seats 50 so I figured that would work. Plus my boss already said he was fine with us using it for free so…as far as ranbats, I’m really just curious about they work and what good is knowing who the strongest player in your community is? Does it just help foster competition? Or do you apply that info in some other way?


There are a ton of ways to run ranbats. One of the simplest is just do a round robin with everyone attending. Each player earns one point for each match they win. This can get unwieldy with a lot of people attending, though.

Yes, the general point is to foster competition. It’s good to know who they guy/guys to beat are. It gives a ranking based on performance over time. Since ranbats are usually broken into seasons, it also lets individual players track how much they are improving (or not).

BTW, have you checked the region matchmaking section? There might well already be people to host casuals in your area.


Ranbats - Ranbat is short for Ranking Battle, so it’s just a tournament which is used to rank players on a leaderboard, or something like that. The way we do it in Michigan is double elimination, 1st place gets 8 points, 2nd gets 5, 3rd gets 4, 3th gets 3, 5th gets 2 and 7th gets 1. You can just have the rankings be for fun, but I think it gives people more of an incentive to work hard to rank up when there’s a prize at the end. For example, at the end of a ranbat season we have a larger tournament where there is an exhibition tournament for the top players with a pot bonus, so everyone tries hard to make it into the exhibition. But yeah, I’d definitely agree with waiting on Ranbats until you have 10-20 regular players attending.

Brackets - I use a program called Tio. Don’t worry about it being on a Smash site, it’s a good program :wink:
That will let you simply type in the player’s names, pick what type of tournament you want (double elim, single elim, or round robin) and click go. You simply double click the winner’s name in any give match and it will update the bracket for you. I’d suggest making a few mock tournaments before you run a real even (put in fake names and randomly pick winners) so you can see how the bracket actually works. That way you won’t mess it up at your first real event. Double elimination is the standard format for SF, so I’d start with that.

Website - Not bad!

I would actually disagree with starting with straight casuals. Organize a small tournament first. If you have a local LAN center or gaming center that is a fantastic place to hold it, even if you have to charge a small venue fee. Talk to the owner of one of these places if you know one and try to make a deal with them. For your first tournament I’d shoot for a price of something like $3 entry fee for the prizes, and a $2 venue fee for the venue, which will add up to $5 per person, which is cheap for a tournament. Print a lot of fliers and advertise as much as possible for the first tournament because its purpose is to find players in your area that are interested in playing sf competitively. Hopefully the $5 won’t be too steep for new players, but will still draw in serious people. Even if the turnout is small you’ll be able to get some phone numbers and emails and be able to set up casuals after that. If you just start with casuals it can be difficult to find dedicated and serious players.

Once you know a few people it’s just a matter of practicing and holding more tournaments, and if all goes well your scene will grow :slight_smile:


I did check the matchmaking section a while back. The closest “scene” to me is in Cleveland, which is about an hour away. However, they don’t seem to be to into SF4 ATM. Which is what I want to focus on, So that is why I decided to try and build a local community from the ground up. I like the idea of using a tournament right off the bat to draw out serious players, however I don’t think I’m ready to put something like that together at the moment. So I’ll probably just try to start with casuals and hope that enough people want to level up to make something serious happen. I have friends that work at a couple different gamestops, and was planning on asking them if they can pass out flyers to people who buy super 4 or hang a couple up around the store. I know I going to post some up at the local colleges. Do you guys know any other locations that might make for good advertising? Also thanks for the recommendation for the bracket program. It seems like it is just what I need(now I just have to put windows back on my laptop). I had hoped to get a bigger response in this thread, however the people who did respond gave me some very helpful answers. Thanks to all of you. With any luck I might be able to make this work. Thanks again.


Your website looks good.

I hope you’re successful in your efforts, if it helps at all I’ve seen a lot of places with no scene at all end up getting really good gigs going just from posting around on the internet.

Obviously, if you haven’t, make a thread in your appropriate matchmaking forum.


I think someone else mentioned it, but points are usually only given to the top x players, not every entrant.


I’d also look for LAN centers and put flyers up there.

Good luck and have fun!


I was also inspired by that broadcast.I have flyers at all 6 local gamestores.I also success going to the local college student activities center and they put me intouch with the head of the student gaming club.also game crazy has been awesome in hooking upprizes.I got five bionic commando metal lunch boxes,sixteen dark void viynl toys and some posters,even an SF four snuggy.I suggest having contact info and gamertags on the sign up sheet totrade info.I’m gonna check yoursite out for ideas that’s the next step on my list.good to know someone else is doing this too.